I have been talking to a lot of our customers over the last few months and many of the most enthusiastic among them are asking when we’ll have our driver update to support 3D Vision Surround. We’re also get the same inquiries from press folks looking to do reviews of 3D Vision Surround.

The fact is we are not ready yet – the surround driver needs some final improvements. When we first showed this technology live at CES in January, we expected this to become available with the first release of our 256 branch driver which was then targeted for April. Our new target for 3D Vision Surround is the end of June in a follow-on release of this 256 driver branch. Our first 256 based driver is planned to post to nvidia.com on May 24th and will enable new SLI setup controls and improve performance on several key applications for GTX 400 GPUs.

When we launch the 3D Vision Surround driver at the end of June, we will provide a game list and guidance on how to get the best experience with this cool new technology. I am looking forward to it!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

  • chizow

    Hi Michelle,
    Please point out what BS you’re referring to cluttering this blog. My agenda is to simply set the record straight with facts, stats, links, quotes, timelines etc. and I think I’ve clearly done that.
    I’m not calling anyone stupid, I’m simply stating anyone using the “I spent $2500 on hardware expecting this to work” card would apply some care and do some research before plunking down that $2500. Wouldn’t you? If not, don’t you think the customer should shoulder some of the blame?

  • chizow

    html tags….
    Surely you aren’t claiming Nvidia did wrong by the *MAJORITY* of their customers by releasing a card that was already delayed, or are you saying they should’ve delayed the launch another 2 months for that 2% of users that were expecting this feature to be ready out of the box? Perhaps you have a better suggestion with how you think Nvidia should’ve approached this? Maybe exclude mention of the feature altogether, then launch it when ready, only to deal with the wrath of all the ex-fanboys claiming they were lied to by Nvidia by not mentioning it, so instead they went with ATI and EyeFinity?
    As for the customer always being right, that’s only within reason and not an absolute guideline, here’s an interesting read for you:

  • Kyle

    in haste you’ll hurt yourself Chiz man.
    I’ve made my point to you because you obviously are misguided. Just look at how you handled my response. …and how fast OMG. Your on it. You’re afraid to have comments linger over yours. That’s a sickness man. Too bad, you write intelligently.
    Thank you for the laugh, I’ll remember this.

  • chizow

    Np Kyle, glad to clear up any confusion that might have misguided you in your conclusions. As for me being afraid of having comments linger over mine? If you directly address someone, I think it’d be rude not reply in kind, wouldn’t you? Its not a sickness any more than a common courtesy. As for the speed in which I replied lol, I only have the Copy function to thank for that. :)
    Similarly, thanks for the laughs about the customer always being right, I always remember those. ;)

  • Diceman

    again, stfu you stupid emo bitch.
    btw, i wouldn’t just say it to your face, i’d grab you by the neck and make you kiss the ground like the bitch you are.

  • SiliconDoc

    Oh really ? This is not eyefinity where special dongles-100$ +adapters, a set of 4 $60 dollar adapters, and non existant displayport screens are required, from the company who doesn’t care about the end user nor it’s own bottom line.
    This is NVIDIA for the masses !
    ” Works with all standard monitor connectors, without requiring
    special dongles. ”
    – That’s ALL standard monitors – so any 3 with an overlapping resolution set will do. They’re $10 dollars here at the Goodwill all year long. That’s $30. This also runs on GTX200. So, add your second card for $200.
    That is a REALISTIC PRICE for anyone that already owns a GTX200 series.
    Thanks for playing, but NVIDIA has won the game, and ati has lost again, to the “rich brats” as you put it, their own base in this case ( no actually ati’s base is a bunch of penny pinching scrooges who supposedly save their 5 bucks on a videocard ).

  • Kyle

    Too bad people are laughing at you or you’d be justified in having a good time too. But you’re not (justified) and they are (laughing) at you. I’ve seen many comments pretty much telling you to stop arguing. However, you obviously think too highly of yourself to get those messages.
    And I don’t have to saturate my replies with BS links to support my position. I can think independently free of http. And if I did post a link, it’d damn be applicable and non-redundant.
    Finally, when you grow up, you’ll be able to understand what was meant by customers being right. It wasn’t some frivolous right customers have when making purchases. It’s a mind set practiced in order to keep customers coming back.
    You think in broad strokes, very broad.
    Face it man, you are wrong on this matter. There’s more to life than arguing with person after person. There’s no post count here so it’s okay. Save it for EVGA.
    I’ll be moving on now. I suspect you wont due to your sickness.
    Take care.

  • Kyle

    seriously, u posted the same thing twice? You can just hit send twice around these parts. Are you applying for a position with Nvidia? Trying to get noticed? I responded to your other identical post. My last one btw.
    ανόητο γάιδαρος

  • Delphium

    Thanks for the reply Thomas.
    I am glad you are familure already with WSGF, and would consider it to be a place of interest to you guys as a platform for communications.
    As such, I hope to see you and/or your fellow reps around the forums soon then. :D

  • Paniotas

    Chizow, just to get here to this last page, reading many post by you. You insult everybody with your words.. Sorry my english isn’t that good. I’m greek and this last post catch my eye. Two things that hit me thinking about you and what you say. I also like nvidia very much but don’t like what theyre doing now. I read some of those links and the point I think you keep telling everyone is related to launch information. Everyone looks like they have a problem with no drivers as of now. As I also felt that Nvidia gave everyone the impresion that drivers to make the cards work would come close to that date give or take a week or two.
    I notice how you make yourself as god like to people here. Then you laugh at them trying to get last word…always you do this. Always you do this and I don’t like the way you treat people. I firest read your speak to Tom and give so much credit to nvidia. You don’t at least try to agree with anybody who has tried to tell you what they feel. Then you get angry, and make lots of words and try to belittle them. This kyle say you post more than one time same thing. I think he is right about you. Maybe you like working for Nvidia yes? You hurt people here. Lot of people here you say things bad with your words.
    My story is this. Nvidia did give a time line in the sence they talked about releasing drivers in April. They tell reviews same thing yes? Never tell them to say no to daytes.
    So i think its good idea to buy because nvidia says theywill make there cards work very close time to release. That’s what i see people saying. But you make them look like thye have no points and your points are the only valuable.
    Kyle call you stupid butt. that’s funny. I think he mught be right. sorry to say to you but i think you need to be deserving. I wish I can right like you but i dont want to be you. You are a meen person and don’t belong talking to people like you do.
    Nvidia: please take notice here. People are mad about dirvers. Simple.

  • Christian

    That’s some pretty offensive stuff. Why would you think anyone here would want to read this filth? That was uncalled for.

  • Rod

    Hi David, making your rounds insulting people again? Looking to get banned here too I take it. Way to go guy!

  • Mod

    whoa! This because of a blog? Tom Peterson’s blog at that. Anger management should be first priority.
    Why isn’t Tom deleting this comment like the last one by this guy? Real crappy!

  • David

    Well, I, like an idiot, didn’t do my research. I listened to a know-it-all “richard” from TigerDirect that steered me towards the three 470GTX cards when he saw I was building a new machine. I saw the write-up in reference to it supporting gaming across 3 monitors and I was sold………..and taken for bad at the same time by both TigerDirect and Nvidia. So, now I wait for my reach around after takin it up the rear………..TWICE! Would Nvidia be so kind as to provide us with at least the beta drivers for the surround technology? I’m sure they may crash a bit but at least I could see this surround technology in action a bit.

  • Breadloaf

    I am running the 257.21 Drivers on my system – 2×480 GTX cards and 3x 3D monitors that have cost £2000 before you even start to take the PC into account!! There is still no 3D support from what I can tell and all the Nvidia pages still suggest that the drivers will support 3D Vision surround from version 256 and above example : http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/3D_Vision_Surround_Technology_uk.html
    What gives here Nvidia ?
    I have also e-mailed Adam Foat (twice) about these issues as I met him at the Scan launch event, I am disgusted with Nvidia and Adam as he has not even bothered to reply to my e-mails. I have been a customer of Nvidia since the start (original Geforce) I have many graphics cards including a Quad SLi 7950′s system that I spend a fortune on before it went obsolete just 4 or 5 months later. I have bought pretty much every high end card Nvidia have released but at this rate it looks like the 480′s will be the last cards I purchased from Nvidia.

  • http://chilearez.org carajillo

    Hi tom
    I`m from Mexico so escuse my bad english
    You said, we could see nvidia surround whit a single GX295.
    And now in the specification on your web site them off this specification, setting aside gtx295.
    So, nvidia surround can work whit a single GTX295?
    And nvidia 3d surround can work whit a single GTX295? if it,s yes how?, because my third port (HDMI) on my gpu no recoize a syncMaster 2233RZ whit 120HZ.
    TX a lot for your time

  • Delphium

    Greetins Thomas, I am currently wondering what Nvidias stance on this at present?
    We at WSGF are egarly awaiting your arrival, and will be pleased to see some attendence by Nvidia.
    Is this somehting Nvidia would still consider doing do you know, now that the surround drivers are due for release any day now?

  • Breadloaf

    Almost 10 days later and no reply to my post ? great work Nvidia……