Release 265 WHQL-certified drivers are here and you can download the new v266.58 drivers on, now.  Read about some of the new features and performance optimizations this update brings, below. Or, get the full Release 265 specifications on

About Release 265:

  • Supports 370 unique GPUs, including GeForce, Quadro and Tesla GPUs (more than three times as many as our competitors)
  • Boosts performance up to 12% with SLI technology
  • Enables Ambient Occlusion in StarCraft II for rich, soft shadows and improved depth perception
  • Adds support for 3D Vision window mode enabling 3D gaming in a window while still having access to email, web, and chat applications
  • Adds support for the beta 2 release of, bring 3D photos and improved 3D video streaming to 3D Vision users

2010 was a big year for NVIDIA drivers, with over 100 million user downloads that brought you game optimizations, features like 3D Vision Surround and overall improvements in visual quality.  We’re proud to say that this is over twice the volume of downloads reported by our competitors.  We look forward to bringing you even more great updates in 2011.

Enjoy the latest Release 265 drivers and let us know what you think!

  • Bryce

    How come the comment policy page hasn’t been made, yet there’s a link to it? lol

  • Max

    because you make good driver, nvidia !

  • myatlaypan2018

    i upgrade my computer. So i download the update driver. please help….

  • ChrisW

    I just tried installing these. They did not seem to work – the IR emitter would turn on, starting with a couple of flashes of red, then turn green. But after about 30 seconds it would switch off. I made sure “enable stereoscopic 3D” was checked and tried to run the tests and setup, but the emitter never seemed to be doing anything. In the end I had to revert to the 260.99 drivers.

    I also dislike the install program. Apart from having great difficulties initially, if you do the ‘custom install’ (the full did not seem to work for me at all) and say you do not want to install certain items (because they are already installed), the program then de-installs them without asking.

  • Mike2

    necrovision and bad company 2 Battlfield always bad running on my 460 GTX 1GB OC on HD .Action with smoke run slow .More performance nvidia and optimized.


  • Willismar

    The same problem from previous driver remain, In UDK after openning any level, and select REALTIME “CTRL+R” in UDK the animation start Blink.
    Previous driver before 260.xx don’t have this issue.

    I hope this help.

    I also check:

    I also have created a ISSUE for NVIDIA support without any information if NVIDIA is working with EPIC GAMES to solve that.

  • Erik

    the nvidia control panel is still dodgy as hell. try setting up multiple monitors, and what happened to clone mode? it’s not there any more! (vista x64)

  • tony

    Nvidia you need wake up.I need real driver whql , real performance ,real stability ,real control panel best settings, you make new panel ,new settings high performance set ultra performance .Optimize sync on , filtering. And more more . i have 460 GTX 1Gb ,cpu 3.8ghz 4X, but games run oddly. fallout NV, Bad company 2, Sniper ghost warior, optimize driver for this game much .And more performance .and optimized instal program this driver . I instal driver win 7 and error and dont install nothing . i must restar pc and second instal is ok .thx…….

  • Joe

    Installed the driver just fine, haven’t had any problems with it :D
    great work again

  • Daryl M

    I installed the latest Verde Notebook Release 265 266.58 driver and now when power management turns the display off after inactivity, it does not come back. I have to kill the computer with the power button and reboot. Is there a fix for this problem?

  • http://na j a smith

    Trying to make my ethernet to work after I installed win 7 ultimate on my nvidia motherboard based amd 64×2 32 bit laptop(dv9000) HP. Anybody have to deal with this yet? Actually, It seems if I could get some nvidia drivers into my updates, it would fix it. One is an ethernet update afterall! Thanks for the read, Jeff

  • tomas


  • tomas

    it is good

  • tomas


  • Ptm5469850

    I would like to know what is the best of the new drives that will allow me to stay up with the new drives.