Today at Computex 2011 in Taipei, we’re introducing the GeForce GTX 560M, the first GTX gaming GPU in the NVIDIA GeForce 500M Series for notebooks.

Notebook gamers now have the perfect GPU for no-compromise DX11 1080p gaming.  It has the best in mobile gaming tech including, DX11, PhysX technology, support for 3D Vision and SLI.   And with Optimus technology on gaming notebooks from Toshiba and Alienware, you get the added benefit of long battery life to enjoy hours of Facebook time, and great performance on your favorite DX11 titles.

In the video below, Andrew Coonrad from NVIDIA Technical Marketing tells you more about GTX 560M-powered gaming rigs.   Andrew also explains how you can enter to win a new ASUS G74sx, GeForce GTX 560M-powered 3D gaming notebook for yourself  (watch and read the official rules, here, for all the details).

Game on!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I would love to submit a video, but I don’t have a notebook any more, my house got broken into April 19, and my notebook got stolen. :(

    I’ve been looking at getting something to replace it, not sure what though. I sadly don’t think I could even edit a video on my weak old desktop that my family got almost 5 years ago. I was happy enough with my old notebook, I finally got to experience L4D and L4D2, but only at 1024 x 768 on low, since Intel can’t make good graphics for gaming. 

    I plan to stick with NVIDIA in my and all the PCs my family gets, since my friends have had bad experiences with ATI/AMD, and I’ve never had driver problems with my 6600LE in the machine I’m using right now. Go Green!!!

    Also, jsut got my Eagle Scout Rank approved Thursday!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok guys so I’m must have a gaming notebook already AND a HD video camera? Good luck winning this rich kids!

  • GoDHanD

    I’m glad I waited a bit before I bought my next notebook, now I’ve got more to choose from.No all I have to do is wait until Alienware officially announces the GTX 560M notebooks.

  • Eric O

    I wonder could you make this anymore difficult? I have a nice gaming laptop with a GTX 460M and would love to share with you why I finally abandoned desktops last year for a gaming laptop. However, I don’t have anything to film it in 720P. I am in full agreement here with Sideboob

  • Timothy Frierson

    Sorry,guys. I have to join SBH on this one. What’s next, telling people that if they don’t have a 280 or better in a nvidia desktop case they can’t enter a contest?

  • Scott Rokus


  • David Marsiglia

    Hey Guys, I wanted to clarify a couple things about the contest rules.  You DO NOT need to have a “gaming” notebook to enter, we simply ask that you include a notebook (any kind you use) in the video, since the subject is “why I’m a notebook gamer.”

    As for the 720P video requirement, this can be done with many types of devices including the latest smartphones, iPhones, and even point and shoot cameras.  However, if you’re unable to shoot at this resolution, please submit the highest quality video you can.  I have since removed this requirement from the Official Rules which will be updated soon.

    We look forward to seeing your videos and awarding a lucky winner with a new GTX 560M-powered gaming notebook!

  • Shanee Ben-Zur

    Check out Dave Marsiglia’s latest comment above for clarification

  • Shanee Ben-Zur

    we definitely don’t want to make it difficult to enter – so check out the latest comment form Dave Marsiglia above, for additional clarification. Hope to see your entry on YouTube.

  • Shanee Ben-Zur

    Hey there, check out Dave Marsiglia’s comment above. You don’t need a gaming notebook. Looking forward to seeing your entry on YouTube.

  • Francisco Javier

    Those are some good news! Now I know I and many people more have actually a chance to win this.

  • Anonymous



    I want to join but how ??

  • David Marsiglia

    It’s easy, just submit a video response to our launch/contest video on YouTube ( telling us why u’re a notebook gamer.  You can view the full official rules for more details here:  Good luck! 

  • Anonymous

    hello nvidia! just wanted to thank you for this contest!!!! i hope you like my video!!!! this new asus g74sx 3d laptop would really help me out ………either way im having fun just thinking i could win it….thanks guys and keep up the great work!!!!

  • David Marsiglia

    Chronos328- thanks for entering!  We’re glad you’re as excited about the contest as we are.  Please be sure do a “Video Response” to the video above on YouTube.  By doing this, your video will be viewable on launch/contest video page.  I saw your comment on the page, but did not see the video.  You can do this right from the “All Comments” section below our video on YouTube.  If you have any questions, check out this page:

    Sorry about the hassle, it’s the best way we can do such a contest via YouTube.

  • Kingsley Nwaogu

    Has anyone won the contest yet? And where will the winning entry be posted?

  • David Marsiglia

    Hi All!  The video responses are in and we’re busy viewing all of them – a lot of very creative and cool videos!  We’ll be announcing and posting the 1st place winning video here on our NVIDIA Blog site, along with listing our two runner up winners by THIS FRIDAY, 6/24.  We will also post the winners list on our YouTube contest video page as well.  Stay tuned and thanks to all who entered!

  • Lamar Bowen

    Thanks for the chance at this awesome gaming laptop.
    *crosses fingers for new gaming laptop*

  • David Marsiglia

    The winners have been announced!  Check out our latest blog post by our special guest contributor for all the deails: