[Update] 6/27/2012: This morning we posted WHQL-certified GeForce 302.82 drivers for desktop GPUs running the Windows 8 Release Preview (32-bit download, 64-bit download). In order for us to best address your feedback, please direct all comments regarding this GeForce 302.82 driver to the feedback thread on our moderated forums. Notebook users should continue to use GeForce 302.80 drivers (32-bit notebook download, 64-bit notebook download) for the Windows 8 Release Preview.

[Update] 6/15/2012: This morning we posted the beta notebook GeForce 302.80 drivers (32-bit notebook download, 64-bit notebook download) for the Windows 8 Release Preview. In order for us to best address your feedback, please direct all comments regarding this driver to the feedback thread on our moderated forums.

[Update] 6/14/2012: This morning we posted beta desktop GeForce 302.80 drivers (32-bit download, 64-bit download) for the Windows 8 Release Preview. An equivalent driver for GeForce notebook GPUs is planned for tomorrow morning. In order for us to best address your feedback, please direct all comments regarding this driver to the feedback thread on our moderated forums.

[Update] 6/11/2012: We apologize again for the delay of the WHQL-certified driver for the Windows 8 Release Preview. Please know that our software team is working around the clock. Thanks to your comments, we have decided to post a beta driver in advance of the WHQL-certified driver. Our developers are targeting beta driver release in the next 4-8 days.  We’ll update you again on status of the driver, this Friday.

In conjunction with today’s launch of Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview and the opening of the Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) for Windows 8, NVIDIA has received Windows 8 certification for its new R302 graphics drivers.

The WHQL certification of R302 drivers highlights the fact that NVIDIA is in lock-step with Microsoft and is fully prepared for Windows 8.

The new Windows 8 WHQL-certified GeForce R302 drivers will be available for download early next week from GeForce.com (Note: R302 drivers will be Windows 8 only. Other Windows operating systems will continue to use R300 drivers).

NVIDIA’s Windows 8 drivers support all the features in the new Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.2. The drivers also support award-winning NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3DTV Play products, allowing you to play more than 600 games, watch Blu-ray movies and view photos – all in 3D.

For more information on the Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview, please visit: http://preview.windows.com

[Update] 6/6/2012: We have decided to postpone the driver release to pick up some additional fixes that we feel are necessary for a great Windows 8 experience. We apologize for the delay and will post the new driver as soon as possible.

  • Gaz Matic

    the driver restarts at times but its stable on most accounts. I no longer have cuda 5 support but since my card only supports up to cuda 4 this isn’t missed. PhysX and open cl works too.

  • Marc Hanna

    Your supported product list isn’t in very good English.. 
    This driver will install on the following GPUs with the exception of some notebooks listed below:GeForce 600M series:GeForce GT 635M, GeForce GT 630M, GeForce 610M 

    So is my gt630m in the supported or unsupported list considering there’s only one list..

    Also Intel chipset hybrid power? So Nvidia optimus doesn’t work either with this driver? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Warren-Taylor/1626673728 Warren Taylor

    Installed the new beta driver (desktop 302.80 ) and so far, so good. No PSOD yet.

  • Chris_Daniel

    Thanks for the feedback Marc. I will ask our team to update the text. 630M is in the supported list. Optimus is supported (Hybrid power is a different technology).

  • syed117

    How about some windows 7 drivers for the gtx 640, 650, 660, 670, 675, or 680 mobile GPUs?  I have a new laptop with a gtx 660m coming next week and Nvidia only has up to date drivers for the 610, 620, 630 and 635.  The ones shipping with the laptop are somewhere around 255.XX.  
    It’s ridiculous that Nvidia ships out mobile GPUs without any real support for sometimes months.  Yes, I know they always say that us fools who buy laptops should turn to the laptop manufacturer, but that’s nonsense.  Nvidia should have drivers ready to go the day laptops with their mobile GPUs are available.  

    The most ludicrous part of this situation is that when you go to nvidia.com, the first thing you see is a laptop with the GTX 680m.  Then you find out that there are no drivers for it.  Amazing.

    Hey Nvidia, how about taking care of the people who are going out of their way to buy laptops with your mobile GPUs?  This is been a problem for years and you have nothing to remedy the situation.

  • Chris_Daniel

    Hi Stuart and Vijay, You are correct that 9400M GPUs are missing from the driver package. I have filed a bug for this issue and will provide an update on Monday.

  • Chris_Daniel

    Hi Syed, we will be posting a Windows 7 beta driver on Monday for notebook GPUs up to and including 675M. While we typically have the first update for new GPUs posted earlier that this and do apologize for that (Windows 8 came at the same time), Verde drivers are post-launch updates, not launch drivers. At launch, the best driver for the notebook is the one that ships with the system and NVIDIA is updating those drivers right up until launch of the product.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    Thanks Daniel. Is this update will resolve my freezing /kernal power failue issue?

  • Marc Hanna

    Well it would seem my comment has been deleted.. 
    So I ask again, because of the bad English on the supported drivers page. IS my graphics chipset, the GT620M SUPPORTED? and finally NVIDIA OPTIMUS? With the BETA DRIVER?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001835713591 Austin Battista

    When is my Intel® HM65 Express Chipset gonna get an update its extreamly annoying getting all of these errors because its not supported

  • Chris_Daniel

    Hi Marc, I answered your question below. It was not deleted. Yes, 620M is supported and so is Optimus.

  • http://twitter.com/osgafarov Osman Gafarov

    Why on the driver’s page it is written “Supported Products: 
    GeForce 100M series:

    G 110M, GT 130M, GTS 160M, G 105M, G 103M, G 102M, GT 120M”? I can’t install the driver on my ASUS K50IN (GeForce 102M)! Please, tell me how can I make it work…I need to finish my win 8 app ASAP. Thanks

  • Chris_Daniel

    Hi Osman, this issue will be fixed with new driver packages this week. I’ll provide an update when we post these new driver packages.

  • http://twitter.com/osgafarov Osman Gafarov

    Hi Chris! That’s good news! Thank you for your reply

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    Any updated on this Daniel ?? Thanks

  • Chris_Daniel

    Updated packages will be posted by tomorrow morning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    Thanks :)

  • Chris_Daniel

    Packages have been updated. Please try now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    I didnt get any update yet.Can i download the same version?

  • Chris_Daniel

    Yes, packages have been swapped. Same version number.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    Thanks Daniel 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    Still have the freezing problem :( after updated to latest drivers too in windows 8 RP

  • http://twitter.com/osgafarov Osman Gafarov

    So, it’s Monday today. Where are the drivers? Why did you say that the drivers will be available “this week”, if it’s already finished?

  • Chris_Daniel

    They were posted last week. The driver is the same version and same links from the blog.

  • http://twitter.com/osgafarov Osman Gafarov

    Ah, sorry, I was waiting for the update from you :) Will try them! Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/siggy2xc Tyler Siegrist

    When will the next update be released?

  • Lakmal Perera

    When will the WHQL notebook drivers be released? I’m still having problems with my 9500M and hybrid power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669754838 Vijay Kumar

    Try this work around who are facing freezing issue,

    The work around worked for me :) No freezes .Happy Coding :)

  • http://www.robinmajumdar.com Robin Majumdar

    Any timeframe on Quadro series (I use an FX4600 on a 64 bit HP XW8400 workstation) drivers for Win8 Release Preview?

    I checked in the downloads area, but the latest driver is for the Consumer Preview… and not something we should be installing on the latest Win8 build.