SHIELD Rocks Google I/O

Just days after our NVIDIA SHIELD pre-order announcement, the Tegra 4-powered portable gaming device is making a special appearance on the Google I/O 2013 show floor.

In their keynote address, Google announced Google Play Game Services. The new service will deliver real-time multiplayer functionality and cross-platform leaderboards, cloud saves and achievement tracking. To take advantage of the new gaming services, simply sign in with your Google+ account – Google will save your game info to the cloud and allow you to hop between Android devices and continue your game.

To help showcase Google’s compelling cross-device gaming services, we brought a bunch of NVIDIA SHIELD units to the Google Play Initiative Area and the NVIDIA Pod.

Picture this: you start playing the Tegra-enhanced version of Riptide GP 2 on the HTC One X+, but you want to use SHIELD’s analog joysticks to control that supercharged jet ski of yours. Thanks to Google Play Game Services, you can save your game state (including your ranking and achievements/upgrades), pick up your SHIELD, and continue gaming from the exact same spot where you left off.

With Google Play Game Services, you no longer have to worry about playing your games on the “right” device. You can hop between your Tegra-powered smartphone, tablet and SHIELD without skipping a beat.  And you can do it all with built-in multiplayer functionality.

Find out more about NVIDIA SHIELD and sign up for our pre-order at

For more information about Google Play Game Services, head to

  • takalong

    Isn’t Shield sold in Japan? 

  • Will Park

    SHIELD will initially be available in the US and Canada. 

  • SFreptile

    NVIDIA should license QRG technology on the cheap so it can make game bandits, like sleeves for smart phones with the full compliment of controls for high end gaming.

  • Ryan Lavelle

    Hey, my brother in Canada pre-ordered the shield, if he ships it to the UK will it be usable I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t because the current GFE for UK doesn’t say anything about it being supported, thanks 

  • Axel Vermeij

    Hello nvidia 
    Because shield is an android device can i use id like a mobile phone,
    so i can use 3g. 
    sothat i can call with skype with friend without an free wifi hotspot.
    or whatsapp an nother friend that i’am late.
    because the Shield is really big i don’t want to have a phone but i dont no if i had wifi every where.