We’re grateful for all the enthusiasm that’s been expressed for SHIELD, our new portable gaming device.  And we’re eager to get it into your hands.

But we won’t do that until it’s fully up to the exacting standards that NVIDIA’s known for. And some final quality-assurance testing has just turned up a mechanical issue that we’re not happy with.

So, while we announced last week that SHIELD will go on sale this Thursday, we’ve taken the hard decision to delay shipping until next month.

The issue relates to a third-party mechanical component, and we’re working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations.

We apologize to those who have preordered SHIELDs and to all those who are waiting for them to go on sale. But we want every SHIELD to be just right.

We’ll let you know when we have an exact shipping date in July. We think it will be worth the wait.

  • Lee Aaron

    Nvidia, can you just give us a little update on how things are going with SHIELD? Us folks that have pre-ordered and already been charged would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • uproden

    Nvidia, I love your use of a PR firm to create fake “Oh it’s okay it’s late I’m just glad they are going to fix it” posts on here, classic….

  • Grant Johnson

    I’m a real customer, take off your tinfoil hat, not everything is a conspiracy. Some people just want this more than others, and some of those people are just patient and understanding. I can appreciate how others are not.

  • uproden

    Tinfoil hat, now that’s creative marketing dude! Touche!

  • Brian Milligan

    I had this happen and contacted NVIDIA customer support.  They needed to cancel my order and I reordered again.  I suggest you do that ASAP incase there is any supply issues.

  • Christopher Columbus

    If that were the case then nobody would be inviting anyone.  Every single one of you takes handhelds into the shitter.  I’m not alone… just man enough to admit it.  LOL

  • Christopher Columbus

    If they delay it again after July 31st then I’m definitely cancelling my pre-order.  I have this eery feeling they may just cancel the product altogether because the sales were so poor.

    The reason I say this is because I went into Gamestop to pre-order a SHIELD so I could get one on release day, and the people working there had NO CLUE what I was even talking about.

    Remember Gamestop is practically the ONLY retail store in America that will carry the SHIELD.

    I kept trying to explain that it was “Nvidia’s new android gaming handheld” and  “It’s called the SHIELD,  you guys are taking pre-orders for it,  I can show you the page on the Gamestop website”.

    The Gamestop employees were like “we never heard of it before… can you spell the name again?”  It took about 10 minutes and then he finally found it.  “Oh there it is,  How much do you want to put down?  The minimum is $50″  (Just my luck I did this on June 25th… so they still have my $50 and I have to wait a month)

    These guys aren’t completely clueless either.  Anytime I went in that store they knew everything about video games,  plus Gamestop sells iPods and iPhone gadgets now too so mobile devices aren’t out of their realm.  So that means NVIDIA shield just completely went over their heads.

    Not a good sign… He informed me that I was literally the only person who came in there to pre-order the thing and they NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IT.  The only reason he knew it exists is because of the SKU in the database.

    This says to me that NVIDIA doesn’t really care about this project enough to inform their retailers or advertise the product.  I’m guessing that this is just some very small faction of NVIDIA that was hired specifically to experiment with this SHIELD product.

    So that if the sales performance is bad or the device gets bad reviews they can just sweep it under the rug like it never happened.

  • Andre Prasetya

    does this means that the pre-production unit is using different hardware than the production unit ? something that other manufacturer did on R&D.

    I switched my order to newegg for the free shipping option, kindly make it right, I really wish I can play with it soon (Hopefully before the long holiday in Indonesia [5-9 Aug]). I don’t think I will stream something from my PC soon, I will use it mainly as my portable android console and as my movie player.

    Kindly give us an ETA if possible. Thank You.

  • GHKazoo

     Same thing here at my local Gamestop.  Also, when they first announced the delay, I told my buddies at work that I thought they might cancel the whole project.

    I am very disappointed that there hasn’t been word one since this announcement.  It’s been over two weeks.

  • xphyle

     Oh no!  A couple 16 year old geeks haven’t heard about the Shield!  It’s DOOMED!

    Seriously tho, this will be a nitch device.  Just because a couple of minimum wager Gamestop losers haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.  The device has been getting stellar previews so far from every journalist who has had an opportunity to have hands-on time with the final version.  If you’re that worried about it, but a Wikipad.  They are FANTASTIC!

  • Christopher Columbus

    You mean a niche device… not nitch.  You sound even dumber when you associate having a job at 16 with being a loser.  That makes so much sense!

    It was an adult male, a younger guy probably in his 20s, and then there was an attractive female working there too.  None of them were losers.  Just normal people working a job to make ends meet.

    Even funnier that you’re calling people geeks and losers at your computer on a blog created for a device that not even the “16 year olds geeks at Gamestop” are aware of.  So what does that make you?   A desperate attempt to separate yourself from the reality that you’re a huge dork by insulting other enthusiasts.  Don’t worry I’m sure there is a “nitch” market for people like you.  Hipster Geeks, I believe it’s called.

    My point was that the range of people working there should certainly be in tune with the Android/Phone/Video game world.  With the other guys comment that’s TWO separate Gamestops that have no clue what it is and they are the only store that will be selling them.  You would think NVIDIA would send out a note to educate retailers on the product.

    I never said that this means the device is crap.  Why else would I have pre-ordered it if I didn’t have interest in it?  I’m saying that it seems like this device reaches such a minimal market that it might be more cost effective to ditch the entire project.  The delay might just be a second chance to drum up some more sales before they axe the project.  A NICHE product isn’t a good thing and that’s certainly not what Nvidia is hoping for.

  • Christopher Columbus

    You’re a little snot nosed brat.  “Clearly” I could give two craps about reading your drivel.  As if it’s my job to sit and read all your comments.

    Nobody was “begging” for freebies.  He simply suggested that it would be nice to receive some compensation for the trouble.  Then you come along and act like this is a disgraceful request like a little pig.

    Meanwhile Newegg gave away $10 gift cards for the inconvenience. So it wasn’t so farfetched afterall you vile pig. I hope you cancelled before that happened like the vile pig you are.

    Some people don’t want to cancel their order and are still interested in the product.  The only person crying about it is the little pig who cancelled their order for an additional product that isn’t even related beyond a brand name.

    Plus contacting customer service and credit card companies can take up to 30 days to receive a refund of your money.  Anyone would be annoyed by that and acting like that’s nothing to complain about just shows you probably don’t even own a credit card or need to worry about finances.

    Mommy probably bought you your nvidia toys for your 12th birthday.  So her having to wait for a refund doesn’t effect you while you sit on your ass playing video games and picking your nose.

    If you’re done with NVIDIA then stop lurking in the blog and criticizing other comments from people who are still purchasing the product.  Pig.

  • xphyle


    Clearly I struck a nerve.  And yes, I got my gift vouchers from Newegg.  Thanks for the concern!  :)

    Feel free to keep begging for your freebies, ya Cheapskate!  :)

  • Christopher Columbus

    You didn’t get the vouchers. Haha liar. Keep squeeling little pig. You sweaty nerdy vile swine. The only nerve you struck is your mothers when she gave birth to your fat sweaty smelly ugly pig body. LMAO

  • Christopher Columbus

    By the way… how freaking ironic is it that you are claiming you got the $10 giftcards from Newegg, which you happily accepted,  but you’re criticizing a guy who ordered directly from Nvidia and got nothing for the inconvenience?  Then you have the nerve to insult him for being a cheapskate and asking for the SAME thing you already received.

    For an order you were NEVER charged for and ended up cancelling anyway along with cancelling a video card order?

    You sir,  are a nitwit with man titties.  Go run on a tredmill you fat fuck.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Don’t bother defending yourself to this idiot.  He criticizes you for suggesting a form of compensation,  after claiming that he received the same $10 gift card from Newegg that I received in response to the delay.  Even though he cancelled his order. (Which is probably a lie,  but for the sake of argument we’ll pretend he did)

    So that means he happily accepted a free handout even though he was never charged and no longer wanted the SHIELD, because he’s an impatient child.  Plus he cancelled a video card order for no reason all over a slight delay.

    But somehow you’re a cheapskate for suggesting compensation on an order you placed directly with NVIDIA,  were prematurely charged full price for, and still remained a loyal patient customer despite getting NO HANDOUT.

    So a third party company gave away free handouts and never charged customers for pre-orders,  but Nvidia themselves takes your money and doesn’t even apologize.

    He’s the cry baby cheapskate who stole a $10 giftcard and cancelled his order.  So we really don’t need to analyze his opinion anymore.

  • xphyle

    LMAO. You really are desperate. Funny that you clearly spend most of your time in front of your pc based on the bloated paragraphs that your write in defense of nvidia and the shield.

    As far as the fat comment, I suggest you look in the mirror. You’re clearly trying to compensate for something. Based on the amount of time I spent in the gym, there’s no doubt in my mind that I could snap you in half like the pathetic little twig that you are. So feel free to put down the Cheetos and bring it, kid.

    I’m sure you probably won’t get this right away because you are too busy looting and vandalizing with your minority friends over the Zimmerman verdict.

  • Lee Aaron

    Will someone at Nvidia please say something about SHIELD? We would really like to know how the progress is coming along. I don’t require a release date or anything, just a simple communication letting us know that 50% or 60% or even 20% of the already produced SHIELD’s now have the 3rd party component fixed or upgraded… Tell us something… It is getting harder and harder for me to leave my almost $400 sitting in your company bank account without any communication as to what is going on or even an estimate of how things are going or when we can expect to get what those of us have already paid for. Please give us a reply. Thank you.

  • HiLuckyB

    2 or 3 days after they delayed the Shield, They took the hold off the money in my account. If there’s still a hold on your then that is odd, And im with you that Nvidia really need to update the people who are still pre-ordered at this point.

  • Lee Aaron

    I paid with PayPal so that is why I never got my money back. I like using PayPal because my actual account info never goes anywhere but in instances like this it kind of sucks that the money is already gone.

  • Christopher Columbus

    Keyboard tough guy. Your bloated paragraphs are equal to mine. I know for a fact you’re a fat fuck who plays on the computer all day. I did me a little research. You are one ugly pig.

    Anyone who pathetically resorts to physical insults like a high school argument over a computer is clearly a child still living off mommys nipples. The one who starts the tough guy thing is always the pussy who looks like a twink. I’ve confirmed that already by looking up your information. You are a complete nerd who sits on message boards your whole life. Lmao

    Your dad is even a failure lol. Also I’m Italian but good job. Christoper Columbus and you think minority. By the sound of how cheap you are you’re probably a jew

  • Vi

    For the love of god can we please get some information Nvidia??? I’m not crying over the delay or canceling my order but since I used PayPal and was already charged I would greatly appreciate SOME information on SHIELD. This is not fair to your customers at ALL and i am seriously starting to wonder if there is something going on here.

  • Lee Aaron

    Okay, I just read this article ( http://androidandme.com/2013/07/devices/nvidia-shield-to-make-the-rounds-in-new-york-san-francisco-theaters-in-august/ ) and it says you can play with SHIELD in August before its NEW SHIPPING DATE… Is this true Nvidia? Are Shields now not going to be shipping in July anymore?

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Hey guys, thanks for your patience.

    We know know you’re all anxious to get your hands on your pre-ordered SHIELD.  Rest assured we’re working to get your devices shipped by end of July. 

    We’ll confirm dates soon.

  • guest1110

    I hope ya’ll added the original Android Browser…Chrome is sooooo slow…although the UI on Chrome is nice.

  • guest1110

    any new updates on SHIELD?

  • Christopher Columbus

    Gamestop claims the release date is 7/25/13.  Can we get a confirmation?  I really hope that’s true.

  • Christopher Columbus

     Release Date 7/25/2013 is listed on Gamestop website.  Is this correct?

  • guest1110

    Sure hope so!  Will, Brian…any comments?

  • Christopher Columbus

    I would imagine there is some validity to it since Gamestop originally listed 7/31 the same as Newegg.  But Gamestop changed to 7/25 two days ago.  Newegg still says 7/31 so hopefully they just haven’t updated yet.

    7/25 would be great since it’s only a week away.  Much better than waiting another two weeks.  I rather have it a week early than receive any free item or discount as a consolation prize.

    Make it happen NVIDIA!  The least you could do is shorten the expected waiting time.  Everyone is assuming that even 7/31 is a hopeful release date at this point.  So to push up release a week early and actually COME THROUGH this time would be a great suprise and lessen some of the soreness.

  • Vi

    Agreed. This needs to happen.

  • xphyle


  • wu chaoshi
  • Christopher Columbus

     Yea… thought so.

  • Myles

    At least he didn’t carry out a genocide on a native people in the Caribbean, Christopher Columbus.

  • Vi

    Can you please make it so we get shield by July 31st? Its not really releasing on the 31st if we dont get it till sometime in August. This is a cop out NVIDIA. Come on and at least get it to people that pre-ordered by the 31st. Come through for once.  

  • xphyle

    Yes Nvidia, hurry up and get Chris Columbus his Shield so he’ll stop whining about it like a little girl. That way he can stop beating his meat to pictures of his mom 24/7.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000478092652 Jonathan Gibbs

    Did the launch get pushed back again? Newegg.com is showing 8/15/2013 as of this morning. WTF is going on Nvidia?

  • xphyle

    Newegg has emailed out tracking numbers and shipping notifications to those who preordered. They are shipping today.