SHIELD Update Unlocks Support for Thousands More Android Games

There’s no way to match the visceral thrill of taking command of a game with a console-quality controller.

That’s why we’ve unleashed a massive update to our SHIELD gaming portable that allows gamers to use SHIELD to take control of thousands more Android games originally designed for touch screens. And that’s just one of the big new features crammed into our latest software update, available now.

Fans of big-screen gaming and entertainment can check out the new Console Mode, which turns SHIELD into a portable living room game console. PC enthusiasts will be thrilled to know PC streaming, now called NVIDIA GameStream, has officially launched. Our over-the-air update also brings Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to SHIELD.

And then there’s SHIELD Gamepad Mapper – which turns touch-based Android games into ones that can be enjoyed with SHIELD’s console-quality controls.

SHIELD Is Your “Play-ground”

The biggest question marks with any gaming device are always around quantity and quality of the games. Google Play’s massive ecosystem of games meant SHIELD had a leg up on traditional consoles. And while almost every touch-based game on Google Play was playable using SHIELD’s touchscreen, they weren’t able to take full advantage of SHIELD’s capabilities.

But we’re changing the game.

You can now play your favorite touch games with SHIELD’s physical controls using the new SHIELD Gamepad Mapper. Create your own custom controls for thousands of games on Google Play, or use NVIDIA’s default profiles now available for hundreds of top Android games, making everything from “NBA Jam” to “Temple Run” playable on SHIELD’s console-grade controller.  The default profiles are automatically downloaded from the cloud so you can just launch your game and play.

Console Mode

Console Mode transforms your portable SHIELD into a full living room gaming and entertainment experience on your big-screen TV. Simply pair up a Bluetooth controller and sit back on your couch and play Android games, browse the web, and watch your favorite movies all in native HD at 1080p.   Best of all, NVIDIA GameStream is Console Mode-ready. So you’ll be able to stream your PC games to – and enjoy them on – the big screen.

Console Mode has been optimized to work and play with Nyko’s PlayPad Pro wireless Bluetooth controller.

Latest, Greatest and More of It

With SHIELD updated to Android 4.3, users get a range of new features, such as restricted profiles, expandable and actionable notifications, and improvements that make everything feel even more fluid, fast and smooth.

Finally, the software update expands SHIELD’s support for moving select game and app files to SD cards, now allowing gamers to move both .OBB and .APK files to SD, freeing up more of SHIELD’s internal storage.

Drop the BETA

NVIDIA GameStream improves the streaming experience, putting PC games in the palm of your hand. It’s optimized for game-speed Wi-Fi with ultra-low latency and now up to 60 frames per second. GameStream coupled with Console Mode means you can now play PC games on your big screen TV in 720p without having to drag your PC into the living room.

PC streaming officially supports more than 50 of the best PC games, including 2013 blockbuster holiday releases such as “Batman: Arkham Origins” and “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.”

To celebrate the official release of GameStream, for a limited time NVIDIA will offer up to $100 off SHIELD plus free copies of “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag,” “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” and “Batman: Arkham Origins” with the purchase of select GeForce GTX graphics cards. We recommend all users upgrade to a GameStream-Ready Wi-Fi router.

Starting today, select resellers and system builders will be offering the bundle – be sure to check GeForce.com for a list of participating partners.

Check out all that SHIELD has to offer at http://shield.nvidia.com.

UPDATE: A Nyko PlayPad Pro Firmware Update may be required for compatibility with SHIELD Console Mode.  Please contact Nyko customer support if you need assistance in updating your firmware.


  • Kickass667


  • Gatling Jack

    I’m actually disappointed because in my guess Nvidia (and Valve too)
    currently still hold back some significant not revealed Information in refer to
    their cooperation for the Steam-Machines.
    As for Nvidia, my guess is that they don’t reveal or emphasize on that cooperation because they first want to sell their own device – the Nvidia Shield.


    “Fans of big-screen gaming and entertainment can check out the new Console Mode, which
    turns SHIELD into a portable living room game console. PC enthusiasts will be
    thrilled to know PC streaming, now called NVIDIA GameStream, has officially



    “Best of all, NVIDIA GameStream is Console Mode-ready. So you’ll be able to stream
    your PC games to – and enjoy them on – the big screen. Console Mode has been
    optimized to work and play with Nyko’s PlayPad Pro wireless Bluetooth



    “PC-streaming officially supports more than 50 of the best PC games, including 2013
    blockbuster holiday releases such as “Batman: Arkham Origins” and “Assassin’s
    Creed IV: Black Flag.”

    So let alone those quotes my questions to Nvidia are e.g. “Will Shield also Support the
    Steam-Controller?” or “So you’re speaking of “Arkham Origins”, a Steam requiring
    game, why can I play ONLY 50 titles with Nvidia GameStream when you obviously
    made a connection to Steam titles anyway?” “Why am I not able to play all of my
    more than 150 Steam titles by GameStreaming with Shield?”

    Bottom line:
    @Nvidia: I appreciate the effort for Shield but I don’t see a reason why I should buy that device instead of a REAL Steam-Machine. I have more than 150 Steam-titles and I want to play them all on the big screen and not just the mentioned 50 titles.
    I do believe that you hide something, you’re beating around the bush with that GameStream thing.

  • elrabinm

    Ok, wow, the new gamepad mapper app is BRILLIANT. Thank you for removing dependency on developers to add gamepad controls to android games.

    Great update Nvidia. Between this and Shadowplay, today is a good day.

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    Thank you Nvidia for this update as it addresses every issue I and everyone else has had with the Nvidia Shield when we filled out the Nvidia Shield Owners Survey. Nvidia has been a stand up company and has earned a repeat buyer right here whenever Shield 2 releases! In the meantime I’m loving all the great times I’m having with my Nvidia Shield.

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    Well friend I’m a Gaming Journalist known as Handheld Lover on both GamingonBatteries.com and GamingonAndroid.com Here is something that will surely convince you why you should want an Nvidia Shield and this is all from a reliable source! http://i.imgur.com/UbnwGnI.jpg

  • Gatling Jack

    I know that screenshot, it’s not reliable. I didn’t see Source Engine 2 being revealed in Valve’s announcements, did you.
    The rest of that text is probable but since that source is clearly no dev from Valve it’s nevertheless speculation.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks, I’ll pass along your feedback!

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Many thanks, and keep that great feedback coming!

  • Joe

    How does the Holiday Bundle Shield discount work? I’m ready to pull the trigger on a GTX and a Shield, but I am curious whether the Shield discount is applied at time of purchase or via rebate or…? Also, Newegg’s landing page for the bundle is 404, FYI.

  • Joe Viola

    Oh no! I just bought a gtx 660 from amazon on the 26th. Am I not eligible for this now?

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    Look I can see that you are just a straight hater of Nvidia in fact I suspect you being an AMD or one of the Console supporters is your motive! Unfortunately the link I provided above is 100% true so lie and spew false hoods all you will. And here is an article that proves that the Nvidia Shield is getting native Steam support from Valve as they are working together on the Steam OS open platform and with the Steam Machines. And the link I provided above has been proven a fact as this same article reffrences it. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/steamos-steam-box-reference-design-source-2-half-life-3,24388.html

  • Andre Prasetya

    OMG, I don’t have to root! Thank God I have resisted the temptation, now Real Racing 3 should be fun! all games are playable! thanks nvidia, many many thanks with sugar on top!

    I love Monday! Tuesday! and the rest of the days!

  • Gatling Jack

    The article on tomshardware IS ABOUT the false anonymous Forum post you posted here!
    Quote from the article:
    “On Friday [27th of sept is meant] Valve will not reveal new Steam peripherals, but the Source 2 game engine.”
    Face it, this article and the anonymous original post are false and clearly not by a Valve dev. The Source Engine 2 was never revealed by Valve. Not in the mentioned friday announcement of sept 27th and not after that date.
    You’re getting fooled and you’re unable to face the truth.
    As for your statement “Nvidia hater”, complete BS, I have Nvidia hardware in my rig since years, beliebe it or not, I hate AMD GPUs because of their bad driver Support and the inferior quality in terms of AA and AF.
    Bottom line: I want that Shield to be successful but for customers who want to stream all of their Steam games a real Steam-Machine is in the current situation the right way to go.
    If Nvidia changes the Shield Software to enable Streaming of ANY Steam title (and not limited to 50 titles or so), I’ll re-consider the situation and might buy a Shield instead of a Steam-Machine.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Andre Prasetya

    I have tried it, its good.

    The last update has a bit of quick, go to play store, click the textbox, a keyboard will pop up, usually i can use the keyboard without using the “mouse”, but now I have to use the virtual mouse to type which is slow or immediately typed on the screen which I don’t like.

    I would like to send my mapper setting to nvidia for some games, where can I send it ?

  • Gatling Jack

    Hi again, especially to Brian, I want to emphasize once again on the limitation of 50 games for PC Streaming:
    Why doesn’t that last Shield update support streaming for the whole Steam catalogue, which is currently more than 3000 games?
    I have more than 170 games in my Steam library and I could imagine buying a Shield but only if it would have full streaming Support for all Steam games available.
    Nvidia could probably triple the sales for the Shield by implementing that feature – simple reason for that:
    The Shield wouldn’t have a competitor until the public release of the first Steam-Machines next year. I really don’t understand why Nvidia doesn’t implement all Steam-games, they have a FREE field without any competitor at the Moment and would probably sell millions of Units only by offering that feature.
    So, if you have time, Brian, I’d appreciate it if you could postpone those questions to some Nvidia sales staff.

  • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

    I just bought a gtx 770, and did not receive a coupon (NCIX). You guys need to manage this better. I would have bought the shield, now I’m waiting to see what’s going on.

  • Jake Peters

    We need the option to look around in fps games for control mapping.

  • Enverex

    It’s “100% true” because an anonymous person on an anonymous forum said so? Are you really that naive? As Jack pointed out, your “proof” is just someone else posting about that same image!

  • Enverex

    I’d love to buy one, but until you make it available outside of the US, you’re just going to alienate a lot of people.

  • Andre Prasetya

    I would like to try console mode, and for it I need a BT gamepad, and Nyko is not available at Indonesia, only IPEGA. Can anybody confirm that it works on SHIELD ?

  • Alex Smith

    This is Really Brilliant.. Now it will be more user friendly..

  • Jonathan Twyman

    I wish they would come out with a “controller mode”. Where you aren’t streaming the game to the shield but rather just having like stats displayed while being able to use the shield as a regular pc controller. THAT would be awesome.

  • Sanjesh Naidu

    so disappointed that new games coming out in play store are not compatible with shield..eg anomaly 2, angry birds go and assassins creed black flag just to name a few…what a waste

  • Shin Lee

    Can we please have a bug patch, it has been a long time.

  • Freakonflight

    I have a question will this work with any game for example can I play sky gamblers or super pixel fighter on this with the gamepad?