Some fans build custom PC cases featuring our logo. Others have created virtual cities in the shape of the NVIDIA claw. And more than a few have gotten NVIDIA tattoos. A fan in China, however, has just hit our geek button, hard.

Inspired by a crude model of a competing company’s graphics card made of Lego-style bricks, NVIDIA fan Xiaosheng Li, 23 – a freelancer for Chinese websites DIYers and NFANs – decided he could do better. Much better.

A Big Fan:
A Big Fan: Xiaosheng Li has visited our headquarters in Santa Clara, California and grabbed our CEO’s autograph.

The Beijinger kicked off his project in July by using Lego modeling software to create a digital mockup of his GeForce GTX 690. Then he acquired 11,396 Lego-style bricks.

Three months later, he finished off a humongous scale model – measuring nearly six feet long and more than two feet wide – complete with a working fan. His project caused a social media sensation in China after we sent over a photographer to document his work.

No Detail Overlooked:
No Detail Overlooked: Even the GTX 690’s PCI pins were recreated.

It’s a project that’s definitely catapulted its creator into the upper echelon of NVIDIA fans. He’s visited our headquarters, in Santa Clara, California. He’s got an autograph from our CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. “I think I have already qualified to become history’s most powerful Nfan,” he wrote in a Chinese-language forum post, describing his feat.

He’s definitely up there.

Big and Beautiful: Li’s model is nearly six feet long more than two feet wide.


  • Boris Lipa Lipovanov

    No life xd

  • scoter man1

    Call me a troll, but I could have spent 3 months of my life and came out with something more productive than a sculpture.

  • stevebalmer

    but you haven’t, troll.

  • saintkamus


  • Brian Caulfield

    We could be biased, but some of us think this thing is beautiful.

  • Sarah Pedersen

    As a gamer I think this sculpture is very nice. I love special editions of games and why not graphics cards. My current on is a EVGA Signature GeForce GTX 690. The other I had before was a ASUS MARS II, a very rare and expensive card.

    My apartment generally speaks for itself when it comes to Nvidia, just look at the fridge and on my pc. I love their products and got a lot of them in my dreams …
    If only the dreams were true ….
    Got a bunch of Nvidia cards in my living room. A broken 8800 GTX to “play” with and a working GTX 295 on my desk with all the other Nvidia stuff. Not to mention the 3D Vision glasses and so on.
    This year I had to sell my GTX 670 and I became quite sad, but I had to even if I hated it.

    A real fan also needs to visit Nvidia of course and I will keep buying their card as I have always done. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Nvidia ftw!

  • Paul

    got a geforce bonus code for a World of tanks tournament and entered the code in the World of Tanks site and was told the code had expired !! NICE !!

  • Mr.Penguin

    Cool story bro.

  • Mr.Penguin

    The fan blades are pointing the wrong way. A poor effort… 😉

  • Paul Margettas

    Where were you guys when this happened like, a while ago

  • Johnathan Moyer

    Except the fan blades aren’t facing the wrong way. look closely. The leading edge goes counter clockwise.