by Danny Shapiro

It’s the first day of IBC, the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam, and despite the fact that we are in a supposed global recession, the broadcast industry is alive and buzzing. Broadcasters from around the world are here, giving new meaning to High Definition.

Right in the middle of Hall 7, the nucleus of new media, NVIDIA is doing live demonstrations of the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline. This is the industry’s first, fully integrated, GPU-based solution for capturing, processing and outputting broadcast quality video.

So far we’ve seen great interest by attendees:
• Broadcasters looking for cost effective virtual set and broadcast graphics solutions;
• Production facilities working with digital dailies; and
• New media content creators needing to encode video streams into a variety of formats.

Presidential election being broadcast. At the NVIDIA stand, RT Software is showcasing virtual set software which enables on-screen actors shot against a green screen to be composited in real-time into a computer generated virtual environment with live HD streams being inserted. If you watched any network coverage from the last US presidential election, then you are no doubt familiar with the types of interactive, real-time virtual effects enabled by the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline.

In addition, NVIDIA is featuring the new Elemental Server from Elemental Technologies. This Quadro based solution takes high resolution video from SDI or IP sources, and can encode to a wide range of video formats in real-time, or batch process existing video libraries faster than real-time.

The Quadro Digital Video Pipeline, powered by the CUDA parallel computing architecture, is opening up a new class of software solutions that will dramatically improve the quality and interactivity of broadcast graphics and new media content.

If you are at IBC, come visit us in Hall 7, stand H37, and see for yourself what everyone else is talking about.