by Michael Diamond

Adobe announced this week their Flash Player 10.1 innovation advancement, which will enable rich web content on just about any type of compute device (in beta now, its release in first half of 2010).Adobe_flash_large_icon_111708

Adobe’s Open Screen Project is an industry wide initiative with the objective to enable rich internet experiences, anywhere, seamlessly, and on any device.

Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, and even the iPhone will have Flash 10.1 supported.

It is a very big deal.

Flash is installed in over 90% of PCs and is used in 80% of the Internet videos.  Flash is everywhere. It’s on Youtube, Hulu, Myspace, Facebook, etc, on PCs and 1.2 billion handhelds.   Video traffic is saturating the Internet and Flash is at the center of that, 60-70 petabytes per month and growing.

When Flash updates are rolled out, every time anyone touches a Flash driven application, they are prompted to upgrade, and since it is free, the upgrade cycles to millions and millions of devices is very fast, like a lighting storm of downloads rolling over the entire planet.

Even up until a few days ago, the world was told that thou shall not Flash HD unless it is run on a powerful x86 device; thou shall not stream Flash HD on Netbooks because a higher cost class of x86 CPU is required to run it.

I remember being in the NVIDIA strategy meeting some time back as we discussed it. And in fact it was true, Internet Flash HD looked horrible on netbooks.


But we observed that it was not necessary because non-x86 compute technology had easily evolved past the technical needs of Flash in performance, power optimization, size, and cost.

With Flash10.1, the entire pipeline is GPU accelerated; the Object Video, the Compostion, and the Screen Rendering.  Flash 10.1 runs smooth as butter on ION, Jen-Hsun demonstrated it at the GPU Technology Conference on HP’s new Mini 311.

So if you are one of the approximately 70 percent of the new and existing PC installed base that want to run HD Flash video but can’t because your PC cannot,  then you have the convenient and cost optimized option of using a GPU to enable it.

Flash 10.1 runs smooth as butter on Tegra too, an ARM based NVIDIA all in one system on chip which is taking the full internet visual computing mobile devices to places it has never gone before.
With GPU co-processing, the power of HD Flash Video is unleashed for the world.Tegra