by Sumit Gupta

My wife has a love-hate relationship with shopping online. She gets great deals, but she always ends up returning tons of stuff. Why? Well, either it doesn’t look good when she puts it on, or it doesn’t fit, or the colors aren’t quite what they looked like online.

The problem is that she’s trying to buy something based on a 2D picture that’s probably been taken in a professional photo studio with the dress just hanging straight.

But what if she could watch a person with her same body type walk around wearing the dress, first outdoors on a sunny day and then indoors at night under artificial light – all in 3D, no less?

This is exactly what’s possible with a freshly minted product from NVIDIA called NVIDIA RealityServerNVIDIA RealityServer consists of three components:

• RealityServer 3.0, which enables 3D applications to be run on GPU-based servers in the cloud;
• iray, an image renderer that not only creates, but also enables interaction with images that look like real photographs (aka photorealistic images);
• and Tesla RS, a GPU-based hardware platform that runs RealityServer 3.0 with iray.

NVIDIA RealityServer enables 3D applications such as the apparel-modeling software from Optitex to take advantage of RealityServer’s web services platform and NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs to forever change my wife’s online shopping experience. There will finally be something I did at work that will make my wife happy ;). It will also make the retail industry happy by saving them potentially billions of dollars in returns.

Similarly, architects will one day be able to use the RealityServer platform to show interactive 3D models of buildings and homes to their clients. Automotive designers will interact with 3D models of their concept cars instead of building clay models. And we will all be able to see how a bedroom-furniture set actually looks in our bedrooms under different lighting conditions.

Now, if somehow we could just feel the fabric online before we buy … that would really make my wife’s day!