by Tonie Hansen

At the NVIDIA Foundation we don’t have a huge budget to work with. But when employees get involved we can make an impact that goes beyond just dollar amounts.

A case in point is disaster relief. As a small foundation, our donations to relief efforts might barely scratch the surface of what’s needed. But recently, when natural disasters struck two regions where we have a large employee presence, NVIDIA employees pitched in to help their fellow countrymen with some extra dollars and much-needed supplies. This blog post honors some of their efforts in hard-hit communities.

Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan in early August and caused several hundred deaths and a vast amount of damage to the country’s infrastructure. We have more than 300 employees in this region, and in a matter of a few days they accumulated more than $150K by donating vacation time (the Foundation was able to match some of these donations). The donations were made to World Vision’s disaster support program and the Tzu Chi Foundation.  Our U.S. employees also donated several thousand dollars to relief efforts. In addition, NVIDIA Corporation is in discussions with weather research and forecasting departments at major Taiwan and China universities about providing Tesla technology in order to more quickly and accurately assess the dangers and timing of major weather events.

Earlier this month, parts of India were hit with the worst flooding in 100 years. Agriculture was deeply affected, and the damage is likely to have an impact on the region’s poor for a long time. Our Hyderabad employees quickly assembled a team to assess local damage and report back on how the rest of the employees could help. To maximize impact, the team has focused on adopting Singavaram, a village about 100 miles from the office, and has collected enough funds and supplies to support the entire village of 300 families (support was provided by the Foundation as well). Employees organized kits with groceries and basic necessities and delivered them to the village this past week. Our Bangalore office is currently evaluating how they will support flood-stricken areas in their regions as well.

Below are some photos from the Hyderabad employees’ visit to support the villagers.
KSingavaram.FloodRelief.17Oct2009 122   KSingavaram.FloodRelief.17Oct2009 134

Natural disasters will always be with us. Still, it’s comforting to know that our employees can have such a deep impact in helping those most affected in their communities.