by Bryan Del Rizzo

When our distribution partner EVGA came to us with an idea to launch a new graphics card that had two GPUs on it (one for graphics, one for PhysX), and wanted to generate some buzz around the end of October, our thoughts naturally gravitated towards Halloween. And what’s Halloween without the cool costumes, miniature candy, and a rocking fun party?

Blogpic3 So, instead of doing the usual, we decided to hold a party for 300 of our closest gamer friends. Invites were sent out, our location was secured on site and we made the critically important decisions — what kind of food and how much to order.

Of course, this being NVIDIA, what’s a party without some cool PCs to game on? Since Batman: Arkham Asylum is probably the hottest title on the PC right now, we decided to build out about 15 full systems, each complete with EVGA’s new GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX GPUs. And we set up our NVIDIA 3D Vision technology so guests could compete in the Batman: Arkham Asylum challenge mode in 3D to win some awesome prizes.

Haloween_Launch_Party09_1842 Although the party started officially at 7 p.m., our first guests started arriving at the NVIDIA campus at 4:30 p.m.! That should have been an early indicator of what was ahead. By the end of the night, fans came out in droves, some from as far away as Ohio and even Australia! For the rest, this was a close to home “pre-Halloween” night out.   GPUs, Tee-shirts, and hats were among the many prizes given out.  Highlights of the night included a Batman-themed costume contest, a 3D theater showing new PhysX demos and new 3D movies, and of course, the aforementioned Batman gaming contest.  The group chomped though 180 pizzas and 500 cookies – we got the food just right — while playing 200 individual games of Batman vying for the grand  prizes of the evening – two GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX cards from EVGA.   The final games were shown on the big screen at NVIDIA cafeteria in front of the cheering crowd.

Check out the enclosed pics, or mosey on over to YouTube and do a search for NVIDIA Halloween and check out some of the action.

We really had a great time hosting the event and enjoyed talking to everyone who came out.  We look forward to the next one… Left for Dead 2 anyone?