by Hector Marinez

JJ Abrams, the force behind TV and movie blockbusters “Alias,” “Lost,” “Mission: Impossible III,” and “Star Trek” — to name just a few– recently did an exclusive interview with NVIDIA. Abrams chatted with John Gaudiosi about gaming with his kids, the new Star Trek Blu-ray disc and DVD and the challenges of 3D filmmaking. Here’s a quick peek:

NVIDIA: What videogames impressed you when you were growing up?

JJ Abrams: Asteroids was my first love. I played Dark Castle and Castle Wolfenstein. The first Tomb Raider game when it came out, got me really excited about the soundtrack, the score, the mood of it. I thought it was really fun. Recently Portal was kind of amazing, and I was never a Rock Band or Guitar Hero person until The Beatles: Rock Band came out and now my three kids and I are sort of Beatles: Rock Band obsessed.

For the full interview, head over to NZone.com, NVIDIA’s online community for gamers.