by Andrew Humber

An exciting new resource launched at SC09 today specifically for the GPU Computing community. is a research and development community dedicated to fostering collaborative and interdisciplinary work on the various disciplines that benefit from GPU computing.

The site targets university researchers, students and developers across many fields and will offer domain expertise and focus in areas such as molecular modeling, medical imaging and more.

The site is open for everyone to view, however membership is required for active participation and eligibility will be restricted to the university community or researchers/developers who are invited by an existing member.

Key figures in the GPU Computing ecosystem have already signed up to participate including Graham Pullan from the University of Cambridge, Wei Ge from the Institute of Process Engineering at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hanspeter Pfister from Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Chen Wenguang from Tsinghua University, Wen-mei Hwu and John Stone from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Jack Dongarra from University of Tennessee and Chuck Hansen & Chris Johnson form University of Utah.