by Andrew Humber

NVIDIA RealityServer a new cloud computing platform for running 3D web applications is shipping today.

The platform consists of an NVIDIA Tesla RS GPU-based server cluster running RealityServer software from mental images. Originally announced at the Web 2.0 conference in October, 2009, NVIDIA RealityServer is cool because it streams interactive 3D applications to any web connected device – even a smartphone!
RealityServer software utilizes mental images iray® technology, the world’s first physically correct, ray-tracing renderer. Because ray tracing is one of the most demanding computational problems, iray technology is designed to take advantage of the massively parallel CUDA™ architecture of NVIDIA GPUs.

While photorealistic imagery has traditionally taken hours or days to create, RealityServer streams images of photorealistic scenes at rates approaching an interactive gaming experience.

This means that car designers can now share and visualize complex 3D models of cars under different lighting and environmental conditions or architects can review sophisticated architectural models, rendered in different daylight settings – with 3D internet this realistic, Black Friday shoppers could have snapped up the bargains from their armchair!

RealityServer is being demonstrated this week at Autodesk University and ExtremeTech recently posted a great video demonstrating the software – I definitely recommend taking a look