by Sam Liccardo

This post is guest authored by San Jose Councilman Sam Liccardo

As a member of the San Jose City Council, few things make me prouder or make my job more rewarding than seeing members of my community work together to achieve a greater good. A perfect example of this is the way that neighborhood residents, NVIDIA and the city of San Jose have come together to improve a school and community center in a neighborhood that has been working hard to turn itself around.

On Dec. 5, a mix of volunteers from NVIDIA and the community will gather to help renovate McKinley Elementary School and Community Center in the Five Wounds Neighborhood of San Jose. The residents of Five Wounds have organized and dedicated themselves to improving their neighborhood and to addressing pressing issues such as gang violence and substance abuse. Because of their effort, McKinley has become more than just a place where students can be educated – it has become a recreational safe haven for Five Wounds and for San Jose as a whole.

Project Inspire ParticipantsIt’s not surprising to me that NVIDIA recognized the strength and tenacity of the Five Wounds community. What is surprising – a wonderful surprise — is the drive and enthusiasm with which NVIDIA employees approach helping Five Wounds achieve its goals through Project Inspire. Through this event, NVIDIA will provide manpower and donate $250,000 cash to complete more than $320,000 worth of improvements to the school.

The partnership between the city, City Year, and NVIDIA for Project Inspire represents the values that San Jose holds near and dear – the banding together of groups of different backgrounds (in this case, the public and private sector) for the betterment of the whole. And the effects will extend far beyond December 5th itself — the manpower and monetary contributions made by NVIDIA will increase Five Wounds’ commitment to maintaining McKinley as an education and recreation destination for the neighborhood.

It’s inspiring when residents take the initiative to keep their community flourishing, but having a little help never hurts. Project Inspire underscores the hard work and investment that Five Wounds has made in its community, and I’m very excited to see the additional progress that our partnership with NVIDIA will foster.