by Tonie Hansen

This past August, NVIDIA Foundation board member Anand Raghavan visited India to learn from employees how the Foundation could better support them. Bangalore and Hyderabad told us they wanted to partner with schools for the visually-impaired (the NVIDIA Pune office has been sponsoring such a school for the past three years), so it seemed a perfect time for the Foundation to support India employees in this shared goal.

All this fall the offices worked hard to put together individual events around National Children’s Day (November 14) so they could announce a more formal relationship with these schools. The events coincided perfectly with Jen-Hsun’s visit to India, and they were so successful each office was able to add many new employees to their volunteer rosters.

Each event included games for the kids and some of the youth performed cultural dances or songs. Because each school is at a different stage of development, the investments we made varied depending on their greatest needs.

Jen-Hsun with Paul Muddha, a founder of Snehadeep School in Bangalore 

Jen-Hsun with Paul Muddha, a founder of Snehadeep School in Bangalore.Bangalore’s partner is a new school called Snehadeep. Paul Muddha, the founder and leader of the school is blind himself, but has not let that stop him in his passion for building a school where children can learn about technology and take vocational classes so as to have careers once they graduate from school. At a partnership event held on NVIDIA’s campus, the Foundation provided support through digital voice recorders (employee volunteers can create “books on tape” for the students), and we’re paying the salary for two teachers for one year, as well as some medical supplies.

Students from the Snehadeep school 

Students from the Snehadeep school assemble for a group photoFor Hyderabad, their event on November 14th was their first interaction with the local government school (Devnar Foundation) for visually impaired children. They brought the children for a visit to the Primary school Hyderabad employees adopted several years ago, so the children from both schools could interact. The Devnar children received audio players from Jen-Hsun and we look forward to future interactions with these smart youth.