by Bryan Del Rizzo

There’s no denying the power of 3D. Theatergoers love it, and are buying tickets to 3D movies in droves. Gamers love it, as it allows them to become fully immersed in the artistic vision envisioned by the game developer. And like the powerful combination of peanut butter and chocolate, Jack Daniels and Coke, and macaroni and cheese, 3D and gaming are rapidly becoming must-have technology for gamers everywhere. For those who want only the best–and for everyone else who just appreciates cutting-edge technology–NVIDIA today announced its 3D lineup of what is on display at this year’s Consumer Electronic’s show (CES). From notebooks, to new high-definition 1080p LCDs, to Blu-ray 3D, PC-based entertainment has never looked better in 3D.


Here at CES, 3D TVs and Blu-ray 3D are big. I have no idea how expensive those new 3D TVs will cost , and I expect their price to be a barrier to entry for a lot of consumers. I spent a lot of money on building my own kick-ass home theater, and I’m not in any major rush to run out and replace my 61-inch DLP. What intrigues me however, is building a PC that can handle the task of running 3D Blu-ray, and provide a terrific platform for everything else you might want to do in 3D: game, view photographs, or browse the

Our 3D Vision is already the industry’s most flexible 3D solution for the home, and in 2010 it’s only going to get better.. As you may know, NVIDIA GeForce GPUs are able to handle the real-time decode of 3D Blu-ray content. You have to see it to believe it. It’s equal to or better than your 3D experience in the theater!

Of course, astute gamers may have noticed something called 3D Vision Surround mentioned in today’s release. Yep, that’s right… with 3D Vision Surround, now you can play on three 3D displays simultaneously, and span your entire game across all three panels for a totally immersive, rocking 3D environment. Of course, you can also use our Surround technology in 2D mode too, but why would you want to game in a flat environment?

And while 3D Vision Surround will be officially launched with our GF100 GPUs later in Q1, the good news for everyone is that 3D Vision Surround will also be supported on our GT200 family too! More details about 3D Vision Surround will be announced over the next few weeks, but we’re sure you’re as excited as we are to try it out.

We’ll be posting pictures from the show floor as soon as we get them, so stay tuned to this blog and Facebook and Twitter to whet your 3D appetite.

Thanks, and happy 3D adventures!