by Bruce Chan

The Next Generation Tegra is designed to deliver a no-compromise Internet experience to a variety of devices. Among the new applications for Tegra are Internet TV devices, which allow consumers to view online movies, TV shows, music, photos, and the best of the web on a living room television, with no PC required.

The first Internet TV device powered by Tegra is the new Boxee Box by D-Link, which has already won a “Best of Innovations” award from the Computer Electronics Association.


The combination of Tegra, NVIDIA’s processor for the mobile web, and Boxee software introduces a new level of interactivity with the television. The Boxee Box allows consumers to select immersive HD multimedia content from the web at anytime, while doing so in a sleek form factor with quiet and smooth operation.

With Tegra powering the Boxee Box by D-Link, consumers can:

  • Easily navigate content from the Internet, their hard drive, or home network with an intuitive 3D user interface
  • Access the Web from the comfort of their living room using accelerated Adobe Flash Player 10.1 graphics and videos
  • Experience lightning-fast Web browsing with a dual ARM Cortex A9 running speeds up to 1GHz
  • Play 1080p video from locally stored content and stream HD video content from sites like YouTube
  • Stream crystal-clear online music from sites like Pandora with an enhanced audio processor

The Tegra-powered Boxee Box upgrades the television set with anytime access to all forms of entertainment, including eye-popping HD movies, concert hall-quality sounds from music streaming sites, or the chance to engage with others while their favorite sporting events are on.

If you’re at CES, stop by the NVIDIA booth in South Hall 4 #35912 to check out the Boxee Box by D-Link and see what happens when the Web meets TV.

More information on the Boxee Box by D-Link can be found at http://www.boxee.tv/box