by Tonie Hansen

Last week, we announced a goal to match $60,000 in donations for Haiti relief made by our employees and the NVIDIA community. As of Tuesday, we have collected $80,000 in donations and will match the entire amount to organizations focused on helping Haiti recover and rebuild from their recent disaster.

A total of $77,000 was donated on behalf of our employees and $3,000 by the NVIDIA community. We plan to honor our goal of matching $10,000 in community donations, so there is still an opportunity for you to get involved.

A portion of the NVIDIA Foundation’s donation will go to the Red Cross to assist in recovery efforts. The remainder will be donated to Architecture for Humanity to assist in rebuilding efforts. That donation will be used to wholly fund a community center that will initially serve as a recovery center and later convert to an economic development center so Haitians can learn new job skills and search for employment opportunities.