by Tonie Hansen

As the weeks pass, the situation does not seem to be getting remarkably better in Haiti. I think aid organizations are going to be there for a very long time. At this point, our employees’ and fans donations to the Red Cross (and the NVIDIA Foundation’s match) are being converted into supplies that are still making their way by plane each day.

While it seems strange to talk about rebuilding at this point, there are visionaries on the ground in Haiti this second thinking about how to rebuild it into a stronger and more sustainable country. As part of our match of employees’ donations, the Foundation also donated $50,000 to Architecture for Humanity, a non-profit collaborative of architects that design homes and community buildings for low income cities. Their emphasis is on environmentally-sound building principals and the recipients of the buildings play an active part in choosing the design of their future home. Our donation will fully fund a new community center, and a short term recovery center that would house technical professionals who are in-country working on various initiatives for the government and NGOs. The community center will offer Haitians valuable computer skills that can be used to secure jobs in the digital economy.

NVIDIA Foundation - Architecture for Humanity NVIDIA’s Events Marketing team has found a way to contribute even more to Haiti by asking our ecosystem of business customers and gamers to help. For the upcoming DICE show, marketing will donate $5 for each unique business card it receives at its booth, and we’ve partnered with LAX LAN on their case mod charity raffle. Proceeds from both shows will go to purchase computers for the new community center.