by Calisa Cole

Every Friday, NVIDIA sends out an email round-up of CUDA, GPU Computing and GPGPU news called “CUDA: Week in Review.” Below we’ve shared a few highlights from this week’s issue.

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World Cup Fans: Rejoice!
Those of you who are soccer/football fans know the 2010 FIFA World Cup starts in June in South Africa. But did you know that CUDA will be playing a role? Mirics, an NVIDIA partner, is teaming up with Hong Kong-based USmart to develop multi-standard broadcast television platforms so fans can watch World Cup TV on mobile devices in Europe, Asia, and South America. Check out the TMCnet article, here.

Next-Generation Water and Lighting in Just Cause 2
Square Enix London Studios announced that the PC release of Just Cause 2 will feature GPU-accelerated water and lighting. Developer Avalanche Studios tapped CUDA to make the game’s environments more beautiful and immersive. CUDA-enhanced features include rivers, lakes and oceans rendered with realistic waves and ripples. The game is also optimized for 3D Vision. Watch the video on Kotaku now.

Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA
Fixstars Corp. of Tokyo released Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux (YDEL) for CUDA, the first commercial Linux distribution for GPU computing. Michael Feldman at HPCwire said, “General-purpose GPU computing is now positioned to be the most widely used accelerator technology for high performance computing.”

CUDA week in review