by Matt Wuebbling

If you are the proud owner of an Optimus notebook we have a surprise for you. Your notebook is more up to date today than it was a few days ago. How so? Well, a few days ago we sent out the first profile updates for Optimus with over 30 new Optimus profiles, including some for upcoming games that haven’t even been released, like StarCraft II and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. (Note: To ensure the updates are working properly be sure to grab the latest Optimus driver from, it helps correct a profile merging issue some early systems were having)

The new profile updates are another facet of Optimus that make its technology ‘just work.’ A profile tips off the system to the kind of application being used and which GPU makes the most sense for that application. Most types of applications are automatically detected by Optimus and do not need a profile. However certain applications rely on profiles to help determine the right graphics system.

Profiles are updated frequently to ensure new applications are leveraging the NVIDIA GPU. Optimus notebooks receive updates automatically, silently, and in the background – no annoying prompts or notifications to deal with. The update process works similarly to how virus software keeps their database of virus definitions up-to-date. This week the first Optimus update happened. And we’re going to keep making updates to help make your notebook keep getting better and better. All automatically and in the background.