by Mike Herauf

We’re wrapping up another great GDC after seeing a lot of traffic at the NVIDIA booth all weekend. Friday and Saturday featured Developer Talks at our Game Technology Theater where developers from NVIDIA, Emergent Game Technologies, Geomerics, Unity, Natural Motion, Trinigy, Unigine, Autodesk, Graphic Remedy, and CryENGINE spoke on a variety of topics. We also hosted sessions in our booth that were really well received–even folks from the booth across the way were impressed!

One of the biggest draws at our booth was Metro 2033. This game features every piece of technology NVIDIA is throwing at game developers today. We’re talking PhysX, 3D Vision and DirectX 11 Tesselation. Running on the GeForce GTX 480, Metro 2033 has incredibly detailed environments, cloth animation and particle effects, sick 3D visuals, and ultra smooth character models.

We pulled 3D Vision Product Manager Andrew Fear aside to chat about NVIDIA’s latest offering, 3D Vision Surround. With 3D Vision Surround, gamers can now play games in full panoramic view and in 3D. Throw in 5760×1280 resolution, and our feelings can best be expressed by Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures: “Woah!”