by Matt Wuebbling

Recently, I wrote about Intel’s Wireless Display technology and how cool it is that the new NVIDIA Optimus laptops can seamlessly take advantage of this great consumer feature. So it’s disappointing that we’ve been hearing rumors of mistruths being told by Intel.

The truth is, Optimus notebooks work perfectly with Intel’s WiDi to wirelessly play content from your laptop on a remote screen, like your big living room TV. (Click the picture below for a video demonstration.) But Intel says we’re not cooperating with them on Optimus WiDi. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Optimus WiDi

A technology like WiDi has obvious appeal, but if it works only with Intel integrated graphics, consumers lose.

This is our public invitation to Intel to clarify for the industry and to consumers that Intel will not make WiDi another Intel platform proprietary bus.

The fact is, NVIDIA’s Optimus technology can enhance your experience with WiDi. Optimus is winning lots of positive comments because it intelligently optimizes your notebook PC. It provides the outstanding graphics performance you need, when you need it, while extending battery life for longer enjoyment.

As many reviewers have been pointing out, notebooks with Optimus deliver a better overall user experience than those with just Intel integrated graphics by enabling discrete graphics capabilities.

People love Optimus. It works perfectly with WiDi and customers desire these combined features.

Intel is planting fear, uncertainty, and doubt that it won’t work, even though it clearly does – don’t believe them, and don’t let them stifle innovation.