by Calisa Cole

Here are highlights from our weekly summary of CUDA, GPU computing and GPGPU news. You can read the full roundup here.

GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2010) – Call for Submissions is now open!

  • GTC 2010 will be held on Sept. 20-23 in San Jose, Calif.
  • Developers, researchers and scientists from around the world are invited to submit proposals and research posters related to innovations in GPU research, technology and applications.
  • GTC 2010 is also accepting nominations for “CEO on Stage”, a new opportunity for CEOs of startups and emerging companies in the GPGPU/GPU ecosystem to present to attendees, investors and analysts.
  • Three concurrent GPU-focused summits will occur under one roof: Emerging Companies Summit; GPU Developers Summit; NVIDIA Research Summit
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Learn something new in our GPU computing webinars
NVIDIA webinars are a great way to get up to speed on today’s hot topics, including CUDA, OpenCL, PGI CUDA Fortran, Parallel Nsight and more. Free and open to the public. Upcoming webinars include:

New Parallel Nsight Beta program
Developers are encouraged to sign up for the Parallel Nsight beta. Parallel Nsight is a powerful environment for GPU computing within Microsoft Visual Studio.