by Patrick Beaulieu

In case you missed it, Tom’s Hardware published the first official hands on review of Blu-ray 3D technology for PCs. This technology is brand new and will be available very soon (stay tuned to the blog for updates). Don Woligroski from Tom’s gives you a sneak peak at how this new technology plays out. But, Woligroski didn’t want you to just take his word for it, he also invited 5 man-on-the-street guests from very different backgrounds (including his 7 year old son) to come try it out for themselves – you can check out excerpts from their feedback below, it's pretty impressive. Click here to read the full story.

“No matter how you slice it, there appears to be only a single viable full-resolution Blu-ray 3D option for the PC at this time: Nvidia's 3D Vision solution with 120 Hz LCD screens” – Don Woligroski, Tom’s Hardware

"I 100% preferred the Blu-ray 3D version over the 2D version of Monsters vs Aliens 3D that I have previously seen. 3D is ideal for this particular movie. The 120 Hz glasses didn't make my eyes hurt; you couldn't tell it was even blinking. I never experienced a headache. It was very clear and crisp. 3D made the movie that much better. I found that the glasses were fine for comfort." - Scotland Baxter, Age: 16, Occupation: Student

“I thought the 3D Blu-ray of Monsters vs Aliens 3D had a better 3D effect than Avatar did in the theater. The shrapnel, water, explosions – all of the details seemed much better. I think Blu-ray 3D is superior to what the movie theaters offer. It's clearer and nicer, despite the smaller screen.”  – Mark Miller, Age: 26, Occupation: Welder