by Rene Haas

NVIDIA’s kicking off the first ever Netbook Summit today, in San Francisco, California. The event is dedicated to the technology and innovations around netbooks – as you might have guessed from its name. We’re participating on several panels (details below), and I’ll be giving a keynote presentation at 2pm PST.

Netbook summit

In the keynote I’m going to be talking about the evolution happening in the mobile device industry. What’s actually changed in the industry, and what factors are driving those changes? Part of the evolution is due to the growing volume and prevalence of digital content online. Consumers expect that content to be available for consumption anytime, anywhere – and they’re demanding mobile devices that provide great mobile experiences. Which begs the question: what constitutes a great mobile experience? How do device-makers handle battery life, performance requirements and still deliver immersive graphics experiences in a hand held device?

Rather than spoil the ending, I’ll just say that we hope to see you at the show. If you can’t make it, stay tuned to the blog, we’ll be sharing updates throughout the event.

Panel discussions we’re participating in include:

  • New Paradigms in Netbooks, May 24 @ 8:30am – Bill Henry, Director, Tegra Product Management
  • People Can Do More with Netbooks, May 24 @ 10am – David Ragones, Director of Product Marketing, ION/GeForce
  • Processor Shootout, May 25 @ 10am – David Ragones