by Shanee Ben-Zur

Wondering what that +15,000 square foot tent is, taking shape in central Taipei? That'd be NVIDIA’s 3D Experience Center. It's been a massive construction project over the past three rainy days with more than 100 people, a 45 ton crane and 30 super-powered air conditioning units hard at work around the clock. The 3D Experience center is located in the thick of Computex action, on the corner of Song Ren and Song Shou roads, so if you’re already at the show swing by and take a look.

NVIDIA 3D Experience Setup NVIDIA 3D Experience intersection

The center features a 250+ seat presentation room in which we’ll be hosting a keynote at 1:00pm Monday Taipei time, and several demo areas where we’re featuring over 30 NVIDIA and NVIDIA partner demos. For the gamers among you, we’re also hosting 3D game night on Tuesday June 1, and Wednesday June 2, from 7pm to 10pm Taipei time.

If you can’t make it in person, I’ll be liveblogging
the NVIDIA keynote
starting at 1pm.
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NVIDIA 3D Experience NVIDIA 3D Experience - Keynote Room Setup

Computex map