by David Ragones

Here at the NVIDIA 3D Experience Center in downtown Taipei, Next-Generation ION GPUs are showing how powerful small can be.

First, we’re showing two new ION netbooks from ASUS, both with Optimus Technology: The 12" 1215PN and the 10" 1015PN. With up to 10X faster graphics performance than a standard netbook, ION netbooks can easily stream HD video from YouTube and more, while still delivering great battery life.

ASUS 1210 ASUS 1215

Second, this wouldn't be the 3D Experience Center if we weren't showing great 3D content on NVIDIA GPUs. We've got a new Zotac ZBOX here featuring the Next-Generation ION GPU connected to a 55" Samsung 3DTV, playing Blu-Ray 3D Disney clips. For the first time, ION is going 3D!

Zotac and Disney

And don’t forget to check out the new pint-size ION nettops here – great in a living room, hooked up to a 1080p HD TV. We're demoing Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150, Asus EeeBox 1012P, Asus EeeBox 1501P and AsRock ION2-T. And, if you’re looking for an all-in-one, the Compaq Presario CQ1 is also on display – we usually hear about folks using these as kitchen and bedroom PCs because of their small form factors.

NVIDIA ION at Computex 2010

Other partners showing off next-generation ION designs at Computex include Acer, Giada, J&W, Jetway, Shuttle and more. Be sure to come by the NVIDIA 3D Experience Center and check out what's next for NVIDIA ION.

NVIDIA ION at Computex 2010