by Bob Sherbin

For a second year in a row, NVIDIA snagged top awards at Computex, recognizing the company’s innovations as some of the very best on display at the sprawling annual technology show in downtown Taipei. 

At a ceremony attended by Taiwan President Ma Ying Jeou, NVIDIA’s Fermi-class GeForce GTX 480 received the Jury’s Special Award – the only component to receive a major honor. In its citation, the award panel noted the processor’s full support for DirectX 11, its excellence at 2D and 3D graphics and its ability to process 3D Blu-ray movies.

Computex awards

The year’s highest prize – the Best Choice Award – went to the ASUS G51 3D laptop, which allows users to enjoy a fully immersive 3D experience using active shutter glasses. The citation noted that the G51 has quickly attained market share of over 95 percent for 15-inch gaming laptops in the U.S. and sells for under $1,500 in most markets.

The NVIDIA GTX 480 and ASUS G51 were selected from among hundreds of products that crowd the floor across a series of exhibition halls in two parts of the Taiwan capital.

NVIDIA’s wins follow last year’s honor when the Best Choice Overseas Enterprise Award went to ION, a small GPU that enables netbooks to have the processing power of notebook computers.