by Matt Wuebbling

UPDATE: Wednesday June 2, 6:00pm Taipei Time

A quick trip over to Nangang Hall here at Computex uncovered even more NVIDIA Optimus-enabled notebooks on display by our partners. My favorite discovery was one additional Optimus-enabled notebook from both Gateway and Packard Bell, so now Gateway and Packard Bell both have two a piece. The two additional models are:

  • Gateway ID49C (14”, GeForce GT 330M, 1GB)
  • Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly s (13.3”, GeForce 310M, 512MB)

Gateway ID49C 14” GeForce 330M, 1GB Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly s 13.3 GeForce 310M, 512MB

A trip to the MSI booth also uncovered more Optimus-enabled notebooks.  In additional to the MSI FX 400 and FX 600 notebooks we showed at Cebit, MSI debuted  two new Optimus-enabled notebooks, bringing their total offering to four.  The new notebooks introduced at Computex by MSI are:

  • MSI CX720 (17.3”, GeForce 310M, 1GB)
  • MSI FX700 (17.3, an unidentified next-generation GeForce GPU)

MSI CX720 (17.3”, GeForce 310M, 1GB MSI FX700 (17.3, an unidentified next-generation GeForce GPU)

Asus is at it again, with 8 Optimus notebooks and 2 Optimus enabled netbooks on display in their Computex booth in the Taiwan International Convention Center.  New additions to the Asus Optimus-enabled notebook line-up includes:

  • Asus P52 (15.6”, GeForce 310M, 1GB)
  • Asus U35 (13.3”, GeForce 310M, 1GB)
  • Asus U45 (14”, GeForce 310M, 1GB)
  • Asus N43 (14”, an unidentified next-generation GeForce GPU)
  • Asus N73 (17.3”, GeForce GT 335M, 1GB)

ASUS p52

With these new additions, Asus has shown a total of 17 Optimus-enabled notebooks and 2 Optimus-enabled netbooks since our launch!

If you want to offer your own Optimus notebook Compal has just the thing for you.  They are showing their NCL61 notebook (14”, GeForce GT 325M, 2GB) that is ready for your logo.

Computex has been a big coming out party for Optimus with 16 new NVIDIA Optimus-enabled notebooks announced at the show, bringing the total to over 30.  But we are not done yet.  We in the process if queue up two new manufacturers for later this month, so stay tuned.

Last week at the Netbook Summit, NVIDIA GM Rene Haas said that we’d be making a slew of NVIDIA Optimus announcements in June. The apex of these, are four big-name notebook manufacturers with new Optimus systems. We’ll also have over 50 Optimus design wins by the end of summer.

Here at Computex, the Optimus train is chuggin' right along. New NVIDIA Optimus enabled notebooks debuted at the show from Lenovo, Gateway and Packard Bell  - which are on display in our 3D Vision Experience Center – among others. In total we're showing thirteen Optimus notebooks and netbooks -from nine different manufacturers, with even more in our partners' booths on the show floor.

Pics below show:

  • Lenovo  Y460: 14 inch model with a GeForce 330M GPU and 1GB for VRAM
  • Packard Bell EasyNote TX86: 15.6 inch model with a GeForce 330M GPU and 1GB for VRAM.
  • Gateway EC39C: 13.3 inch model with a GeForce 310M GPU 512MB of VRAM.

NVIDIA Optimus at Computex 2010 NVIDIA Optimus at Computex 2010 - Gateway EC39C

Other Optimus enabled notebooks on display include:

  • ASUS U33Jc (13.3",GeForce 310M, 1GB VRAM)
  • ASUS UL80jt (14", GeForce 310M, 1GB VRAM)
  • ASUS N53Jn (15.6", GeForce 335M, 1GB VRAM)
  • Clevo B5100 (15", GeForce 330M, 1GB VRAM)
  • MSI FX600 (15.6", GeForce 325M, 1GB VRAM)

NVIDIA Optimus at Computex 2010

Chinese manufacturer Haier, is also showing the 7G notebook featuring a GeForce 305M with Optimus and 512MB of VRAM, and Hasee, another Chinese manufacturer is showing the TW9A CT notebook with GeForce 335M and Optimus technology, and 1GB of VRAM in their booths.

As David Ragones mentioned in his recent post, here, we're also showing Optimus technology for netbooks, including two just-announced ASUS ION netbooks, the 12-inch EeePC 1215PN and the 10 inch EeePC 1015PN. We also have Acer's previously-announced 10 inch Aspire One 532G.

June is a huge month for NVIDIA Optimus announcements and Computex is just the start of things. More news to come!