by Shanee Ben-Zur

There was a terrific, highly personal interview with our CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, in Sunday’s New York Times. Give it a read, here.

Jen-Hsun talks about larger lessons he learned from playing video games in high school and waiting tables at Denny’s. He also shares how managing, for him, is more about asking questions than giving answers.

One of my favorite parts of the Q&A is Jen-Hsun’s reflections on NVIDIA’s maiden product launch (which if you’re unfamiliar, was a disaster that nearly sank the company):

“I learned that it was O.K. for C.E.O.’s to say that the strategy didn’t work, that the technology didn’t work, that the product didn’t work, but we’re still going to be great and let me tell you why. I think that’s what’s thrilling about leadership — when you’re holding onto literally the worst possible hand on the planet and you know you’re still going to win. How are you still going to win? Because that’s when the character of the company really comes out.”