by David Ragones

These two have been on a collision course since Day One. 

Earlier this year Alienware launched the stunning Alienware M11x. It was truly a one-of-a-kind PC. Tagged as the most powerful 11” gaming laptop in the universe it made a huge splash on the market. Packaged in a beautiful black chassis accented with cool lighting, the Alienware M11x was tiny and powerful. It weighed less than 5 pounds, yet was powerful enough to play any game you wanted to throw at it. The press loved it and the reviews were sterling.


NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M, a powerful GPU commonly found in notebooks with much larger footprints. This combination made the system hard to categorize because it took the traditional laptop and netbook formulas and stood them on their heads. Was it a tiny gaming notebook? Was it a supped-up ultraportable? Was it the world’s most powerful netbook? Notebook or laptop, call it what you want… long as you precede your descriptor with ‘killer’ or ‘kick-ass’.

Literally the day after Alienware M11x reviews hit NVIDIA had a game-changing launch of our own with NVIDIA Optimus technology. Optimus optimizes the mobile experience by letting the user get the performance of discrete graphics from a notebook while still delivering great battery life. Optimus accomplishes this by automatically and seamlessly selecting the right graphics processor for the job between an NVIDIA discrete GPU or Intel integrated graphics. The editorial community rained praise on the NVIDIA Optimus technology.

Despite the proximity of the launches, there was a glitch. The Alienware M11x did not have NVIDIA Optimus.  Instead, it was saddled with the old style switchable graphics, and was missing the automatic seamless nature of NVIDIA Optimus.

Eager to remain on the cutting–edge of technology, Alienware quickly righted that, and today they are launching the Alienware M11x with NVIDIA Optimus technology.  By doing so, Alienware may have created the perfect product.