by Michael Steele

The newest version of video enhancement software vReveal is out now. vReveal 2.0 is faster, supports HD video and is available as a free download, so you can try it out for yourself. It’s really easy to use and most enhancements take just one click—you can stabilize, brighten and clean up your home movies before you share them with friends. It also provides a nice gallery view so you can easily manage your videos.

vReveal works on both CPU and GPU, but is programmed to run up to five times faster with NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs)*. And, if you’ve got the latest GTX 480, you can enable real-time HD video enhancement at a full 30 frames per second.

In the video, below, we show some of the features of vReveal 2.0 and demo the performance differences of the application on a CPU versus a GeForce GPU.

* Performance benchmarks based on Windows 7, NVIDIA driver 197.41, 1280×720 video input.