by Neil Trevett

As consumers, we enjoy rich Web content on our PCs, and we really want to enjoy that same content on our mobile devices, wherever we go. But today’s mobile devices often steer you to text heavy, limited content sites, because they don’t have the processing power to serve up the full web experience in all its glory.

Today Adobe announced the general availability of Flash Player 10.1, which is a major advancement in enabling mobile devices to display hundreds of millions of web pages with rich Flash content – closing the gap between the web experience on high-end PCs and mobile devices.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done together with Adobe over the past year, often on-site at Adobe side by side with their engineers, to enable full hardware GPU acceleration for Flash Player 10.1. This includes using Tegra’s GPU to significantly boost both Flash animation and video performance while simultaneously extending the battery life of your mobile device.

We’ve taken the NVIDIA user experiences that people love on PCs and applied that same technology in our work with Adobe to create the ultimate media experience on your smartphone or tablet.

We’re looking forward to launching mobile devices with breakthrough performance using Tegra, Flash Player 10.1 and Android 2.2 so stay tuned!