by Shanee Ben-Zur

Greetings GeForce Community

We’ve been listening to your feedback online, and know that you’re hungry for more access to NVIDIA and you want to be heard. Among this blog – where we publish news about all things NVIDIA – our Official Forums – where you can discuss technical issues – various Twitter Handles – sending bite-size snippets of news – and the NVIDIA Facebook fan page, we’re trying to give you as many touch points as possible to share, discuss, and connect with us and the NVIDIA Community-at-large.

That being said, many have been asking us to create a dedicated Facebook Fan Page specifically for GeForce fans. We get it, you want all GeForce and gaming news all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, we’d like to express our thanks to the community who’s helped us get where we are today, by announcing the launch of the NVIDIA GeForce Facebook Fan page. Consider this a dedicated sandbox on Facebook for you to talk and learn about what matters most to you – Gaming with GeForce! Know that we’re always reading your comments, and love to hear from you. We may not be able to address every question, but we are always listening.

Happy gaming, and we’ll see you on Facebook.

GeForce on Facebook