by Jon Barad

Update: Thursday June 24

Heads up! We just launched a limited time offer of $25 off NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses at:

When the green flag is waived at Daytona International Speedway on July 3, 2010 at 7:30 pm EST, it will signal the start of the NASCAR Coke Zero 400. It also signals the launch of the first ever live NASCAR 3D stream for NVIDIA 3D Vision PC owners.

This is also the first ever live 3D stream that makes use of the NVIDIA 3D
with Silverlight streaming video player.  NVIDIA worked in conjunction with Microsoft and iStreamPlanet to integrate these technologies in order to create a seamless stereoscopic 3D experience viewable online with a 3D Vision PC.  The end result is a rich media player located on ( with an integrated interactive leader board and advertising in the form of pre-rolls with companion ads.  

It's sure to be an exciting race you won't want to miss

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  • Bob

    This is great news. TNT Racebuddy is awesome. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Alistair

    Are nVidia going to have 3DTV Play ready for this?
    I’ve just shelled out £2,200 on a new Panasonic Plasma, I don’t really want to have to pay another £400 on a small monitor and nVidia glasses.

  • Nebur692

    I tried it and it does not work:
    I have Acer H5360 projector, eyeglasses, and the GeForce 9600GT

  • Jon Barad

    make sure you have installed the latest Driver (CD v1.29 (3D Vision v257.21)
    which can be downloaded here:
    there are additional system requirements posted here:

  • Stmxc13

    You will need to uninstal and reinstal silverlight after upgrading you graphics and 3D stereo driver to v257.21 to stream the demo video’s at

  • Jon Barad

    We havent noticed this issue when installing the required components, but
    will investigate.
    do have to upgrade Silverlight to version 4, but that doesnt require an
    uninstall of SL prior. Just a restart of your browser.

  • Keanan

    Can anyone get the mms url address to watch the event through the NVIDIA 3d player instead of the embedded in browser? I use the 3D Vision Discover with anaglyph glasses instead of shelling out $700 for the glasses and a new 120hz monitor… (But I will one day). With the mms address of the video stream I can watch it like the golf tournament they had in 3D a while back.

  • Jon Barad

    race will only be available through the new in-browser 3D video player.
    prices are coming down for monitors (
    and be sure to also check out the special were running on glasses:

  • Shoe 805

    I am having problems with jerky video from the SL4 video player. Not proper 3d at all. I have all of the latest 3dvision and Geforce drivers installed. The browser player switches the monitor into 3d mode but as I said, the video just appears 2d and jerky. Are there any support forums I can be linked to? If it helps, I am using a Viewsonic VX2265wm.
    I missed out on the Masters 3d coverage and would really like to get this working before the NASCAR event. Thanks

  • Jon Barad

    Sorry to know youre having problems with your setup.
    Problems with jerky/stuttering video may be due to bandwidth issues. It is suggested that you have a minimum of 700kbps, but in actually, you wont get the best 3D experience unless you have over 3.5-4mbps.

  • Shoe 805

    First of all, thank you for that information. I would like to preface by saying I am very, very satisfied with my 3dvision setup for games and Cooliris. In that respect it has been worth every penny.
    As far as my Silverlight issue is concerned, My ISP is rated @ 1.96mbps down. I realize that is not the 3.5mbps for “best” quality, but shouldn’t I be able to see the video in 3d?
    To clarify, the video itself plays smoothly without buffering, however I can visibly see the left/right images interchanging as opposed to being overlapped on each other causing it to look “jerky”
    Also, whenever I exit the player demo, my monitor itself begins visibly flashing @ a very low refresh rate. I have only been able to remedy this with a system restart or entering into another 3d application.
    I am running an SLI setup (9800GTx2) could this be an issue with SL4?
    Again, thank you for your help Jon.

  • Jon Barad

    glad to know youre a fan of your NVIDIA 3D Vision PC, and thank you for giving
    me some additional detail.
    Vision streaming with Silverlight doesnt yet support SLI, so turning off
    SLI should improve your experience.
    also aware of the flashing you may encounter when you close the browser. Its
    a separate issue were tracking and hopefully will have this resolved

  • Shoe 805

    Thank you again Jon. Temporarily disabling SLI solves my Silverlight problem. I look forward to enjoying the upcoming 3D events you have coming! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Fernando

    good day, I have the following problem
    When I put the link in the url of nvidia 3d vision of player error: file format not compatible, having already put the url of golf but I can not use anything 3D live stream, already updated all drivers, Silverlight already installed 4
    I want your help,
    I live in sao paulo, Brazil and here in the forum do not find anything related that can help me.
    thank you all..

  • Jon Barad

    The fantastic thing about this race is that you do not need to use the NVIDIA 3D Vision video player any longer. We’ve integrated 3D Vision into Silverlight and embedded the player directly into the webpage:
    so now all you need is a 3D Vision PC with the latest GeForce and 3D Vision Drivers, and the Silverlight 4 browser plugin. Then just go to the RaceBuddy site in either IE or Firefox and enjoy.
    you can find more details about the system requirements here:

  • Matt

    Hello, I tried running the demos and couldn’t get the 3d to turn on. All I saw was the same images twice while in Fullscreen. I easily meet the requirements and don’t know what I am doing wrong. Please help. Thanks, Matt.
    My specs are Nvidia GTX 480, Intel I7 920, 12 GB Memory, 17 MB/sec download speeds and 3.5 MB/sec upload speed.

  • Echer

    If you are only seeing a green light when trying to play the video just press on the green Nvidia logo on your IR receiver and it should come on . =)

  • cameron

    howdy all. i have an i7 920 rig, 12 gig ram @ 1600, evga gtx 480. and cable internet (about 16 meg download speed when i run the video, it does not stream in 3d. te nvidia logo does no even change to bright green. any help would be great. i have silver light 4 also, running win 7 ultimate

  • Jon Barad

    Please also make sure that both your GeForce and 3D Vision drivers are up to date:
    you can also check all the other specifications here:

  • Jon Barad

    you can check your nvidia control panel to make sure that your 3D vision settings are turned on.
    when you go to what happens?
    Please make sure that your system is setup properly as described here:

  • Jeff

    I have installed the latest drivers, and have the latest version of SL. When I try to play the demo videos, they play fine, but my IR receiver does not light up. I don’t see two images side by side, but I see a regular 2D image. Pressing the button on the IR receiver does nothing.
    I am using a Samsung DLP TV. Anything played with the nvidia 3d vision player works fine, and the 3D is great. But, SL will not activate 3D mode for some reason…

  • topdrizzle

    i have a mitsubishi wd65737 and also gts8800 640mb card. i ran the test and it said my card will not work and also my tv will not work. why is it on your website it says my tv and card will work then it says it will not work. this is very confusing and frustrating. you should of made it so the folks who are having problem with the stream could still watch it via video player. there is no reason why this should not work with my setup.

  • Jon Barad

    TypePad HTML Email
    Sorry about the confusion and frustration. Please know that we are aware of this problem and currently working on an update to the hardware checker.

  • topdrizzle

    so am i still going to be able to watch with my current setup or am I s.o.l.? I did not shell out over $1000 in glasses for this.

  • topdrizzle

    so it worked for a second. I minimized the screen and it would not stop syncing. I restarted my computer and it still would not turn off. I had to unplug the ir emitter to make it stop but now it will not sync again when i try to watch nascar.

  • Paul Marini

    3d has been a no go all night cannot get it to sync.