by Andrew Fear

Updated: Jun. 29, 9:00am PDT

Today is an exciting day for NVIDIA as we officially released our GeForce Beta v258.69 drivers which add support for 3D Vision Surround.

Playing games in 3D Vision Surround is a unique immersive experience, across three screens, combining the best technology NVIDIA has to offer: GeForce GTX 400 Series GPUs, 3D Vision, and SLI technology.  The reason why I love working at NVIDIA is because we can make products like this which make gaming better. Trust me, you may have experienced 3D, but you have never seen 3D like this.

Check out this video with NVIDIA vice president, Rob Csongor, who shows you what a 3D Vision Surround setup looks like and gives a bit more background on 3D Vision Surround technology:

As you can tell, 3D Vision Surround is an experience like no other, and our friends at MAINGEAR built a special solution that really takes the 3D Vision Surround technology over the limit. The MAINGEAR 3D Vision Surround Racing Simulator will make any true gamer drool. Check out the specs, and MAINGEAR's video:

  • 3 2 GeForce GTX 480 GPUs all watercooled and overclocked
  • 400 ft lbs of hydraulics with an authentic racing seat
  • Award-winning “MAINGEAR SHIFT with Advanced Vertical Heat Dissipation” with a custom external radiator integrated into the frame of the simulator.

It’s the world’s FIRST 3D Vision Surround racing simulator and accelerating, braking, and turning can all be felt with maximum realism with the combination of the visual (3D) and the physical (hydraulics.) I’m just waiting for Maingear to send one to my home!

If you don’t have a 3D Vision Surround PC, don’t worry. Some of our leading system builders worked hard to put together some exciting PC bundles that are the perfect platform complete with GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs running in SLI. These PCs will blow your mind and make your friends drool with envy.

For those of you that want to build your own 3D Vision Surround rig, make sure your download the entire 3D Vision CD v1.31 which contains v258.69 GeForce and 3D Vision drivers. Just a note for our GeForce GTX 295 users, this driver has some issues we Quad SLI mode in 3D Vision Surround. We are aware of these issues and we will be providing a future driver update to support this configuration.

Of course, we also support 2D game play across three displays, but playing games in 2D is so… yesterday.

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Thanks and happy 3D gaming!