by Victoria Rege

With GPU Technology Conference (GTC) only 11 weeks, we’ve assembled a lineup of presenters that runs the gamut from Harvard’s Hanspeter Pfister, who’s a leading authority on scientific computing, to Stanford’s Pat Hanrahan, who helped pioneer computer graphics.

GTC’s objective is to help connect the GPU computing community to visionaries like these. So, in that spirit, we’re kicking off a pre-conference Live Chat series on the NVIDIA blog where you can speak directly with GTC speakers before the show even starts.

Live Chat guests will be here, live, on the NVIDIA blog ready to take your questions. The chats will be about a half hour long, and are open to anyone who wants to join in. We hope you’ll take this as an opportunity to spend virtual one-on-one time with GPU scientists, researchers and key developers you might not normally meet in person. It’s a great opportunity, especially for those who can’t make it to GTC in September.

Our first Live Chat kicks off July 13th at 11am PDT. Set a reminder for yourself using the widget below. Our guest will be Ian Buck, Software Director of GPU Computing at NVIDIA and the inventor of Brook project and CUDA .

Ian’s talk at GTC last year, From Brook to CUDA, highlighted his perspective on how GPU computing has evolved and current innovations in GPU technology. During his Live Chat, Ian will give a preview of his GTC 2010 talk and take questions about the future of CUDA and GPU Computing.

Keep your eye on the blog to learn about our next chat.

The GPU Technology Conference (GTC) takes place Sept. 20-23, 2010 at the San Jose Convention. You can stay up to date by following the GTC blog RSS feed, signing up for our email list or joining our GTC Facebook fan page.