by Bill Rehbock

As of June 23, more than 160,000 Android handsets are being sold daily. As of July 5, there are over 85,000 applications available for download in the Android Marketplace. And opportunities are exploding for content developers targeting Android mobile devices.

It’s great to see Tegra emerging as the hardware of choice for so many of these developers. At the chip’s heart is the superior performance of NVIDIA graphics, which helps provide consumers with kind of a mobile device experience once reserved for PC and high-end console gaming.

If this kind of performance gets your heart racing, you won’t want to miss the Mobile Game Development track that we’re hosting on July 19th at the Gamesauce Conference.

Great speakers – including execs from NVIDIA, Adobe, Epic, Ideaworks, Reverb, Stonetrip and Unity — are lined up to talk about harnessing the horsepower of Tegra and Android to deliver the best consumer experience. It’s perfect if you’re interested in mobile development, already developing for Android or just want to learn more about great content coming for Tegra-based Android devices.