by Jon Barad

NASCAR in 3D was awesome, and my ears are still ringing from the Coke Zero 400 track — in Daytona. Turner Sports placed five 3ality 3D cameras around the track to catch all of the action, and during the live race you had the option to switch between the action camera and the pit cams. It was really an interactive and unique way to experience NASCAR, and also marked the first live 3D Vision with Silverlight streaming event.


If you missed the live fun this weekend, don’t worry as it’s still up at:

For now, you can even watch all 5.5 hours worth of footage and a short highlight clip. Unfortunately, the dedicated pit cam view has been taken down, but we’ll hopefully have a longer highlight package for you shortly.


There were a lot of cool shots, but here are some quick highlights to check out on the stream:

  • Green flag 1:55:30
  • First Pit 2:10:10
  • Wreck 3:51:45
  • Huge Wreck 4:31:10
  • End of race wreck 5:05:50
  • Checker Flag 5:18:00
  • Fireworks 5:19:40
  • Winner Circle 5:25:53


If you’re interested in learning a bit more about the production, you can find some info from the Silverlight team here.

And, if you’re not already 3D Vision ready, we’re offering a $25 discount at: