by Kevin Krewell

I hate to throw stuff out, especially computer parts. Some things I keep for “sentimental” reasons, like my old graphics cards (that’s what I tell my wife and I’m sticking to it). In fact, I believe I still have most every graphics card I ever bought or got for “evaluation.” I also have a number of old motherboards, CPUs, disk drives, even a 5.25in floppy drive. This does not make my wife happy, but I try to keep it out of sight.

Inner Geek: Kevin Krewell's GPU collection

Not all the old components are in my hands, however, I often have often had to pass along older graphics cards and motherboards to my kids when building their PCs. Rest assured I reclaim them later, when they get the next upgrade. Oh, I should explain – I have never bought a desktop PC, I have always built them; and then rebuilt them. So I have gone through a lot of motherboards, adapters, CPUs, and DRAM…the list goes on.

The first serious 3D graphics card I owned was a Canopus Pure3D card with a 3DFx Voodoo (1) 3D accelerator I purchased back in 1997 (before NVIDIA shipped the TNT family). The original Voodoo cards only did the 3D game – you still needed a 2D (VGA) card for regular graphics and text. I delayed getting my 3Dfx card until the Canopus card shipped because it had 6MB of RAM instead of the regular 4MB and it had S-Video output that could connect to a TV (something I did maybe once or twice).

Inner Geek: Kevin Krewell collects GPUs

Here’s a Tom’s Hardware article when there was a real Tom (Pabst) writing for it. This card was the best card for playing Quake at the time using a stripped-down and proprietary version of OpenGL called GLide. While Doom was the first game that really got me into first person shooter (FPS) PC games, it was Quake that got me involved in LAN parties, which then led to online gaming. Unfortunately, I came a bit late to FPS games, so in the early days of the LAN parties, I got killed pretty fast. Embracing my n00b predisposition of becoming “dead meat” I and made “Meatman” my game handle. If you can’t beat ’em…

But it all started with the Voodoo card and Quake. Oh, and did I mention, I have a lot of my original game disks? Hmmm, are there still any Tribes servers around?

My name is Kevin and I’m a gamer and a geek.