by Ian Buck

Hey there, my name is Ian Buck and I’m the Software Director of GPU Computing here at NVIDIA. I helped start the CUDA team six years ago and have had the wonderful pleasure of watching it grow and change the world of high performance computing. Before my time here at NVIDIA, I was the development lead on Brook which was the forerunner to generalized computing on GPUs.

I wanted to introduce myself because I’ll be the guest speaker on a live text-chat here on the blog Tuesday July 13, 11am PDT.  I’ll be dishing out my thoughts on GPU computing and answering your questions, like how did we come up with the name “CUDA”. You can set an e-mail reminder for yourself in the widget below or you can bookmark this post which will be updated with the chat window on Tuesday.

This is actually the first Live Chat in a blog-series that we’re hosting prior to the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in September . If you haven’t heard about GTC, here’s a little info, and here’s a link to all GTC related blog posts.  I’ll be speaking at GTC this year about the GPUs evolution as a general computing processor, and last year I gave a talk called From Brook to CUDA.

The live chat is a cool opportunity prior to GTC for speakers like me to engage with you, maybe even get some ideas of what we should focus on. I’m always interested in hearing new and interesting applications for GPUs.

If you have any questions for me, but won’t be able to attend the live chat, please drop them in the comments below. We’ll pick a few, and of course give you credit.

Looking forward to chatting…