by Justin Walker

Wondering what the best GPU is for playing the upcoming StarCraft sequel, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty? Well a few hardcore editors decided to test just that with the live StarCraft beta (which sadly ended today) in advance of the game's much anticipated release next week.

Their recommendation? Our new GeForce GTX 460 GPU. GTX 460 delivers superior driver support and enhanced features including single panel 3D Vision support which will be avaialble sometime shortly after the game’s release, and most importantly, full support for anti-aliasing via the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Check out the reviews after the jump, and sound off in the comments below if you're excited to play StarCraft II on your NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

Hardware Canucks:

“[The GTX 460 1GB] offers the perfect balance of overall performance, power consumption and price. Even if Blizzard rolls out a number of patches which add increased image quality, this card still has the overhead necessary to continue delivering performance in spades long into the update life of StarCraft II. It also has the ability to use NVIDIA’s anti aliasing override in order to give the game that extra eye candy punch versus the competition. As we said in its original review: the GTX 460 1GB is literally the perfect card for today’s market and its performance in StarCraft II just shows this once again.”

Hi Tech Legion

“The NVIDIA GTX 460 is a mainstream video card which outperforms or comes within 10 FPS of all ATI video cards tested playing StarCraft II …” 

Overclockers Club

“When it came time to measure performance, the GF 100-based NVIDIA cards deliver higher frame rates across the board, while the GF 104 based GTX 460, although heavily overclocked from the factory, performs well above its price point in comparison to the [competition].” 

And, for a really detailed explanation of how anti-aliasing can improve the visual quality in StarCraft II, check out this story by Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective. His before-and-after screen shots tell the full story!