by Paul Jastrzebski

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend PDXLAN 16 – a 500 person LAN Party in Portland that NVIDIA’s been sponsoring since the event first started over 7 years ago.

This year, we joined forces with ASUS and shared a huge booth space that included demos of our NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround (3D) and Surround (2D) multi-panel gaming technologies, a liquid nitrogen setup, case modding area, and the latest NVIDIA-powered ASUS gaming notebooks.


PDXLAN was also the very first place that gamers had the chance to see and test drive multiple gaming systems equipped with our new mid-range GPU – the GeForce GTX 460 GPU. Tom Petersen introduced the LAN attendees to the GTX 460 with a wild and fun stage presentation complete with swag, giveaways and in-depth Q&A.

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One of the most popular demos in our booth was the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Surround demo that was powered by two $199 GeForce GTX 460 GPUs in SLI. Gamers were blown away when they saw two of our new mid-ranged GPUs running Bad Company 2 at a 5760 x 1200 resolution, with silky smooth frame rates and visual effects cranked up.

cool rig

For NVIDIA, LAN Parties like PDXLAN aren’t just about us showing off our latest hardware. They’re about connecting with and supporting the hardcore PC gamers that have been with us since the very beginning. There’s nothing that makes me happier than hearing about how someone water-cooled their 3-way SLI GTX 480 system or custom modded their newest Antec case. That’s why we go to LANs – and that’s why we keep coming back to PDXLAN year after year.

If you were there too, sound off on the comments below and let us know what you thought! Thanks, and happy gaming!