by Victoria Rege

We’re happy to announce that the session catalog and schedule for the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is now live. GTC 2010 is taking place from Monday, Sept. 20 to Thursday, Sept. 23, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.This year’s show features over 240 sessions of technical content targeted for researchers, developers, and technologists. Snapshot of our GTC War Room, home to the conference schedule

Snapshot of our GTC War Room, home to the conference schedule
You can check out the entire agenda by day or by session, and here are a few highlights:

  • Pre-conference tutorials on CUDA C, DirectCompute, Stereoscopic 3D, OpenCL, OpenGL, Ray Tracing, and more  all happening Monday.
  • Research briefing from the CUDA Centers of Excellence
  • Dozens of sessions exploring HPC issues of ‘scaling out’ GPU computing applications

Other topics announced include: algorithms and numerical techniques, astronomy and astrophysics, computational fluid dynamics, computational imaging, databases and data mining, embedded computing, mobile computing, energy exploration, film, finance, life sciences, machine learning and artificial intelligence, medical imaging and visualization, molecular dynamics, physics simulation, and programming languages and techniques.

Registration is now open, and attendees can take advantage of the super early-bird discount before August 1.

Other opportunities to get engaged include: