by Andrew Page

At SIGGRAPH, we’re showing off advancements in professional stereoscopic 3D technology with new Fermi-based Quadro solutions and the newly announced NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro. 

You may already be familiar with our consumer 3D Vision technology, great for gaming or viewing 3D content on your PC – usually by a single user. These active-shutter glasses use infrared technology to connect with your 3D Vision-ready system – similar to how a TV remote control interacts with your TV.



The new 3D Vision Pro solution is designed to work in a professional production environment like a creative studio or visualization center – anyplace where there are, for example, multiple people doing stereoscopic 3D in the same space. In an environment like that, infrared creates issues, because there’s too much interference. Instead, we’ve designed 3D Vision Pro to use radio frequency (RF) to control the glasses. The glasses connect to the 3D Vision Pro hub the way a wireless keyboard and mouse connect to your computer, making them perfect for multi-user environments.

We think 3D Vision Pro is going to be a huge advancement for designers, creative studios and anyone else who needs stereoscopic 3D visualization in a professional and/or multi-user environment. For instance, 3D Vision Pro allows you to invite many colleagues into an auditorium or viewing center to see 3D content, enabling effective collaboration. The hub gives each pair of glasses a range of 150 feet, so people can move around and view content from different angles, all without interference.

There are also a number of management tools that make the 3D Vision Pro system easy to use. RF is bi-directional, so an operator can easily see battery levels, on-off status and connection status for all the glasses in a room.

Another great aspect to the 3D Vision Pro solution is that one pair of glasses can connect to multiple enabled visualization hubs or PCs. So, for instance, a designer can connect his or her glasses to their workstation while doing their work, and, those same glasses can later be used in a visualization center – with a few simple clicks to set the connection.

If you’re at SIGGRAPH, be sure to stop by the NVIDIA booth (#717) and check out 3D Vision Pro wall and view demonstrations of styling, content creation and scientific research that are made real with our stereoscopic 3D technology.