by Andrew Page

SIGGRAPH has always been a major source of incredible visual displays. This year, we're building on that tradition as we unveil the first 100% digital booth at SIGGRAPH. We’re driving multiple, ultra high-resolution wall displays — all running with NVIDIA Quadro Scalable Visualization Solutions (SVS) utilizing our Quadro Plex systems. Powered by Barco seamless displays and HP workstations, we’ve got some pretty incredible viz walls: 1×6 array of 46” panels, a 2×4 array of 50” rear projection cubes, and an amazine 2×2 array of 70” cubes.


As part of our announcement of the new Quadro solutions, based on the innovative Fermi architecture, the Quadro Plex 7000 is adding more graphics memory and application performance to SVS – something that will benefit anyone who needs a flexible, high-performance solution for large scale visualization.

If you’re already familiar with our SVS technology, you know that it lets you drive one application across single or multiple ultra high-resolution displays – in a wide range of environments. Whether you’ve got a single workstation and a 4K panel display or a network ops center with a large array of panels, Quadro Plex lets you create the display environment you need. Our NVIDIA SLI Mosaic technology removes the complexity in running an application across multiple displays by letting you span in one click. With Mosaic and SVS, all you do is hit the maximize button.

With our next-generation Quadro solutions, we’re giving people even more options and more ways to deploy large scale visualizations. In addition to our new Quadro Plex 7000, you can also utilize our new Quadro 5000 and Quadro 6000 professional graphics cards when they’re deployed as a pair in a Quadro SLI-certified workstation. With a new Quadro SLI-based system, you’ll have the ability to seamlessly drive four displays. With the new Quadro Plex 7000 you have 12GB of graphics memory to run complex applications seamlessly across can drive an amazing eight displays and 36 megapixels.

This is a boon to everyone from production professionals in movie studios, to digital content creation teams, to engineers working in energy exploration. If you’re here at the show, come by and visit us in booth #717 and check out the large scale viz walls and cool digital signage powered by NVIDIA and Barco.